Outlooks and Views

This morning, the sun cast a rosy hue across the land with beautiful colors. I didn’t take a photo, but one of my team did.

I told her that I too had felt it was a gorgeous sunrise and the light and color of it, made for a feeling of hope for me. Upon reflection, she said that is exactly how she had felt too.

I got into Teds room and had a new nurse today. His night had been uneventful and he was still prone. It wasn’t but an hour or so later and she came in and said we were moving over to the non-covid side of ICU. My guess is that they needed the Covid bed now that he didn’t have covid restrictions and there was a bed on the normal ICU side to move him to.

I had chatted up my new nurse a little, and had commented on how I loved the sunshine that was so prevalent in the mornings in his room. She left and came back and said that there were two rooms that they were moving patients to, so she had chosen the one with the best view for me.

My favorite nurse Mollie was on this side today as well and she greeted me right away and said that she had been thinking of us all weekend and was so glad to see me/us. Ted had no adverse reactions to moving him – even though he is paralyzed and sedated, some changes make his BP soar.

We just missed the normal Dr rounds as she had finished the normal ICU side and was headed to the Covid ICU side, but I was promised that she would come in and see me. She did finally come in and she said that she was ultimately hoping that he would do well on his back so that they could trach him. We talked for a bit and then she stopped and said that she wanted to give me some feedback. She wanted to express that she felt it was really good to have me here – not just for Ted, but she was so relieved to have a rational person with thoughtful questions who wasn’t fighting them at every turn. I kinda laughed and said that I didn’t know that was an option, but no, I definitely want to help them do whatever is needed to turn this around and do not want to do anything to make it worse.

I went to lunch with Galen and Ciara and had a lovely bowl of Pho. When I returned, Ted had been flipped to be onto his back and was still stable. The plan was to take his blood gasses in two hours to see how he was doing and adjust again from there.

Also upon my return from lunch, was a cup with a paper on it.

A treat from the nurses

Inside were a few chocolates, and while I am not a chocolate person, if I do have one it better have nuts or caramel to offset the chocolate. And wouldn’t you know it, one was a caramel filled bite and the other was a nut filled bite.

I found out that in my new window spot, I also could see the helicopter land and take off. Those helicopters are pretty cool things.

I realized as it got later in the day, that while I wouldn’t have morning sun any longer, I might be treated to some lovely sunsets.

They took his blood gases and they were very promising, so they decided to turn the Oxygen back down to 60% and see how he does.

I hope they will still be good in the morning.

Today’s nurse said that I needed to add the goals back to this white board and still maintain it, so I added them to the new board in a smaller font so that I would have room to grow.

I was listening to Ted’s play list as I worked and one of the songs that tapped me on my shoulder was “Have a little faith in Me”, so I added “Have alot of faith” to the board.

Until tomorrow: Let us all have a good night.

Love Sally

4 thoughts on “Outlooks and Views

  1. Atta girl. Keep talking to him. I believe you are making the difference. He hears you! Tell him to be stubborn and keep fighting! Love you.

  2. I have faith Ted will get better! I’m still praying every time I glance out my window and see your house I say a prayer.

  3. We have a lotta faith in Ted’s recovery & your well being too! Praying for you all every time I leave my drive as I glance at your home to see if you were able to sleep or are up at the silly time I’m going to work❤️

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