No Time



Today (yesterday really since it is past midnight) was one of those days with not enough hours.

As I am oft to do, I was awake in the middle of the night Sunday night and thinking of someone and so penned a note to them while the thoughts were fresh in my mind.  The problem with that is .. by the time I’m done and can go back to sleep, I crash pretty hard until the alarm goes off.


I then don’t have enough time to work out, meditate or do anything beyond take a shower and get ready for work as generally I awake much earlier than the alarm and do those things and the alarm is only the final warning system that if it has reached the point where that goes off, it is mass critical and time to go.

I got to work on time and go on my now almost daily walk at lunch.  I stop by the park where I am thinking I will try the monkey bars again, but there is a family there and it feels odd to be there taking over the monkey bars and having them watch as I possibly struggle mightily.  I pass on the task today.

I work late as my boss is out of  town and there was more to do.

I get home and make dinner and sit and watch a show we missed the night before with the family and Oh Look… time for bed and nothing is written for the daily.

2am.  I’m up once more, so here is your quick note.

Wilma has posted comments that she purchased my ticket for the RAW Challenge mud race.  And then posts that she clearly wasn’t aware of the implications of signing up for the race.  Amen to that sister.

Hopefully tomorrow/today/whatever, holds a bit more time so that I can communicate better.

Love Betty

4 thoughts on “No Time

  1. I had one of those days today, too. Out starting my interval but interrupted by a CO client that I do some work for, who needed assistance for a significant transaction. Planned to do the intervals tonight but it was raining. Tomorrow is another day, I hope it’s not raining in the AM. Not a mud race, an obstacle course, keep telling yourself

  2. Wanted to let you know that I printed out your post about “Robin’s Return” for Uncle Roy and he said that he remembers Aunt Bertha playing it also ~ probably long before your mother and Aunt Grace. She was your great aunt (Grandpa Hively’s sister) Bertha Simpson.

    1. I’m glad to hear Uncle Roy has memories of the tune as well. Mom would talk about Aunt Bertha playing it as well. It is interesting to find out who has memories of it and who doesn’t. It is such a strong one for me.
      Love you guys.

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