No Pain, No Gain

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It took me a while to find my joy this morning.  Glomming onto the thought of getting in shape and finding a way to Australia to participate in muddy obstacle coarse – really?  Seeing a friend I haven’t seen for quite a while and getting in shape to do so – I can see the joy in that one.

Have you ever been so sore that it was a struggle to get dressed?  You know, the times you can’t hold your undergarments with two hands as there is no way you can lift your leg up to step into them.  You try, but you miss the leg hole stomping onto the undies and therefore ripping them out of your hands but you attempted to hold on and it jerked you over and holy cow, you might have a back sprain now too!

So you place them on the floor and step in the leg holes and wonder if you can shimmy them at least up to your knees by working them back in forth in some remembered hula hoop type movement.  It’s a few minutes and they’re still at your ankles and it dawns on you that you could actually take a seat somewhere and get the job done.

But of course sitting isn’t desirable either if you aren’t going to stay there because those same legs that you couldn’t lift in the first place aren’t really wanting to gently lower you onto a seat and stand up again to finish getting dressed.

You start to wonder if you can actually call in sick or at least say you will be late in the amount of time it takes the pain killers to kick in so that clothes can be worn.

You say it has never happened to you?  Yeah, me neither.


Hey Wilma, thanks for the strength and growth your providing.

Today I did my squats, pushups, upright rows, presses and a brisk walk during my lunch hour.


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