Mother Nature’s Pep Talk


Work has been stressful lately.  I am a customer service escalation manager and it drives me nuts when people get to me spitting mad about something that we as a company caused.

Today started with several like that and by my lunchtime, I needed a power walk.  I was sure with the amount of steam I needed to release that I could easily go the three mile loop.

But as I started walking with determination to think through all of the negative issues on my mind, a beautiful hawk flew overhead and I was suddenly reminded to instead focus on the positives that can be enhanced instead of the negatives that may not change soon.

So as I began counting blessings instead of criticisms I also began to notice all of the beautiful plants and flowers I was passing.

A giant ball of fluff.

giant fluff

some purple and yellow wildflowers

purple and yellow wildflowers


some Gaillardia or Indian Blanket Flower and Poppies

poppies and daisy

When I got around by the park, there was a summer day camp crew of guys who brought kids and bikes to teach the kids to ride through all terrain.  Probably so they could head down the path to the bmx portion of the park.  I thought that was a good thing too.

kids biking in field

Then I came upon a wild Iris/orchid looking flower that was almost 4 ft. high sticking it’s lovely head up above all the other shrubs and weeds.

Iris type flower

Then the little yellow flower among the tall grasses.

yellow flower in tall grass


And some wild Lupines along the canal bank.



At this point in my hour walk I had hadn’t traveled far in terms of miles, but had spanned the huge chasm between my earlier angst and my current happy anticipation of finding my next flower to enjoy.

I’m going to have to leave the rest of the finds for tomorrow or the page might never load for some of you with the size of the photos.

Until then.

Love Sally

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  1. Lovely–both the interior and exterior. (The whole seems to be captured less ethereally, more vulgarly in the (too) oft used expression: Don’t let the bast—s get you down!)

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