Mother Nature’s Pep Talk – 2


On my walk yesterday, I had started down the road, then down the railroad tracks to the next road parallel to the first and down that road to the park.  I took the outer paths around the park and when I got to the far corner where I normally would follow the main path, I noticed some very bright pink flowers just across the way a bit.  It looked like I could make it there if I circumvented the ditch and a few obstacles.

I made it to the fuchsia beauties and found a new path.

fuchsia flowers


There were spots you could see that large animals had laid in the tall grasses.  Here they had knocked down the grass but not the individual flower stem.

purple flower stalk alone

So many of the blossoms had that snap-dragon type look to them.

bright pink snap blossom

A Yucca was even blooming on the other side of the bridge.

Yucca blossom

It was then that I realized if I didn’t giddyup, I would be late coming back from this walk that was a truly powerful walk but not the power walk I had thought it was going to be.

So down through the field I headed so that I could catch the path back to the road.

purple delicates

A huge bumble bee was enjoying these yellow flowers.

yellow flowers with bee

And these were my last bouquet of the wild.

last wildflower bunch of the walk

I got back to work and my boss asked how my walk was since I looked calmer.  I handed him my phone and let him see all that had been provided to change my mood.  I think it helped him a bit too.

every walk with nature


Love Sally

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