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wringing wet

In the hanging category is the “Ringing Wet” obstacle: “What stands between you and the other side is a large water pit and a lot of swinging rings that you will need to hold onto and swing your way across. Upper body, core and grip strength will be vital if you want to conquer this one.”

I see mud in my future on this one.  I know I have been working on the monkey bars and improving every few days, but all it is going to take to slip right off of these rings is someone in front of me with wet or muddy hands.  The chances of me being first in line is nil.

The Summit

In the climbing category is “The Summit” :A frame cargo net 16 feet high that participants climb up and over. The slight flex in the net means your using lower body, core and upper body strength to get through this one.

What is funny to me about this one is that they have a bar graph of how much strength, agility, teamwork and courage it takes and it has 60% of all categories except teamwork which it states requires 80%.  I’m sorry, but I don’t see where the teamwork comes in on this one.  And you probably can’t see it in the small photo I put in, but that top pole that everyone has to go over to traverse down the other side is grossing me out looking at it as I imagine all the crotch sweat that has been deposited there by the time I go across.  Ew! Moving on.



They didn’t have photo of the Pythagoras and after the graph of The Summit, I’m not sure I believe that this one is only at 40% or less on all categories.  Walls that have to be climbed that lean into you so that you have to leap and pull up to go over sound like I need to team up with a local Firemen’s team for a leg up to get me over.  I may have to sell the photos that we get on this one.

Wilma, I got up and did the weight bar exercises and planks and the Fitbit has me at just under 4 miles for the day.  Below is one of my hiking partners.

sally iphone 002

Love Betty


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