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Today when #2 son was unloading the dishwasher he noticed a new mug and asked where it had come from.

Patty Rooks mug

It was gifted to me from the friends Jasmine and I went to stay with in Georgia last weekend.  She has her own pottery studio and when they were showing us some of her pieces out of the cupboard, I had said how much I loved this particular one.

The next morning, she served my coffee in the mug and said the coffee and mug were mine to keep.  It will definitely bring good memories and warm my heart each time I use it.

I also have a mug from my incredible Australia trip.  I purchased it when we went to the Blue Mountains early on and the weather was so rainy and cloudy that we couldn’t see anything so we walked around one of the towns checking out the shops and tents set up for local vendors.

I saw the mug and it’s beauty drew me to it, but the words spoke to me directly of the entire journey of that trip.

Adele Basheer mug


In case you can’t read the caption, it says: “Live Laugh Love”  “Life is shaped by the moments we dare to create”

I have kept this one in the beautiful box it came in – just a little afraid of taking it out and putting it with the daily mugs.  Currently the mugs are only sold in Australia so what would I do if it was accidentally broken?

But when I showed it to a friend today I realized that it is meant to be used with the other daily mugs as a reminder to dare to do the things I hadn’t thought possible.

ready for another adventure


Love Sally

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