Monday Night Yoga

Mondays are starting to be Yoga night for me.  My friend that I walk with in the park each week had suggested I come and try it last year but I never made it.  I’m not sure what got me there this year except for her persistence.

When someone who knows you and encourages you to try something that your clueless about, sometimes you just have to trust them and give it a try.

always say yes

I had no real idea what yoga entailed.  Every pose I had ever seen was one that was comical in the very idea of me attempting it.

I was pretty sure that cameras were installed when middle aged women with no prior experience showed up for the first time.  Tapes were given to Allen Funt and “Boom” you were on Candid Camera.

My friend assured me that this was a class that anyone could do and it wasn’t about perfection, it was about trying and doing your best.

yoga trying not to fart

To my delight, there was no jogging or the dreaded burpees.

The instructor weaves stories into the sessions which is always a plus.

I’ve realized just how inflexible I am at this point and it makes me want to keep at it to gain back some of that lost flexibility.

I’ve probably only been to about five classes so far, but I’ve noticed that sleep is much better and without interruption on yoga nights. Another plus so I’ll continue to wrap my body into positions that discomforts my mind.

I may just start going on Wednesdays too!

Namaste. As they say.

Love Sally

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