Lunch Walk

I went for my walk at lunch the other day and realized that I hadn’t been on that walk for months.  I had spent most of the summer lunches with my shoes off, feet in the grass, sitting on a blanket under a cottonwood tree in the small park nearby.   Most of those days when I was feeling the loss of my friends from work, that was what made me feel grounded and let me dissipate my struggles.

nature is the perfect refreshment.

Part of not walking was that it was a hot summer and I was saving my close-by coworkers  from my corner of the room smelling like a locker room – at least that is my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

Anyway, with a little fall in the air, I went back to my walk.

I love the seasons and the beauty each provides.

There were the wild sunflowers by the lake.

sunflowers by the lake


and these bright yellow ones pushing through the fence and around the lake too.

delicate yellow flower

fall by the lake

Little blue flowers looking like a Disney character.

disney character in flower

A growing wildflower dried bouquet.

dried bouquet

The canal that was running so swiftly in the spring was now dried as well.

dried canal

It was lined with flowers of it’s own.

fall beauties

I had been away so long, that the field that I had been cutting through to get back to the office complex was now fenced off and being excavated for something new.

It was a bit of a reminder that I had been stagnant for too long.

Love Sally




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