Lunch Surprises all week


You already know that Monday started not so great and I had an incredible walk during my lunch to help change my mood.

I thought you might like to hear about the rest of the lunches as everyday provided it’s own gift.

Tuesday, work hadn’t been quite so bad so I didn’t set off needing an entire mind overhaul but still needed a good walk.  I stopped my route in the park for a pit stop noticing how lush the grass was. It was due to be mowed so a little bit longer and lusher than it sometimes is.

I decided to take my shoes off and just walk barefoot for the next twenty minutes.

walking barefoot

When it was time to head back to the office, I leaned up against a tree to put my socks and shoes back on and there in front of me:

patch of clover with four leaf clover

Can you find it? This is the one your looking for:

four leaf clover

I took it back and gave it to my good friend.

On Wednesday, I decided  I would walk the same route as Monday and see if all of the flowers were still there.  There were more of some, less of others.  It’s crazy how quick some come and go.

As I was coming through the final field where I cross a small stream, I see a bright object.  Just to me left is a near new albeit very wet softball. Something found yet once again.



Thursday was a day.  I checked into some issues that were to have been taken care of and not only had they not, the progression of having not taken care of them was more dire than I had imagined.  I was livid. Hot. Spitting Nails. Mad. Furious.  I sat at my desk with my hands upon my head and another manager asked if I was going to sit that way in contemplation for a while.  I replied that I was merely holding my head on so it wouldn’t explode.

Lunch was going to have to be really special to knock the current storm of frustration out of me.

I decided to walk to a park that is just a few picnic tables at the end of a vacant parking lot that also borders a small wetland area.

I had taken my headphones and listened to music on the way.  When I got to the picnic tables, I decided I would really love to sit next to the water so I found a semblance of a path and then found a decent size rock that I could sit upon.

I put on a meditation clip that I had been wanting to listen to while quieting myself.  It was an Aboriginal man playing the didgeridoo.  The ancient sounds seemed to go well with the mud cracked bank I was on.  I closed my eyes and when I opened them later, there were dragonflies around and a nearly fully developed bullfrog under the water on his own rock.  He still had a tail that looked to be five or six inches long.  I have never seen a bullfrog tadpole of that size. I couldn’t capture a photo, but a smaller version is below.

bullfrog tadpole


I left the park and dialed up Aretha Franklin on my tunes for the walk back.  A woman singing with attitude was the completion to another amazing lunch that I needed to face the  rest of the day.

Friday I brought in a better mind set determined not to let it be swayed by what I could not control.

Just before lunch Jasmine texted asking if I was free for a lunch talk.  I was going to run an errand or two but I’ll always take a joyful voice over errands any time.  I drove to the park, put a blanket under the tree and chatted with my friend for the entire hour. Unexpected stories from a friend was an awesome way to round out the week of lunches with surprises.

Here’s to hoping your lunches this next week provide a surprise for you every day.

Love Sally

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