Lucky down under too!

Friday began leisurely and I took a walk into the town area with Wilma’s dog while she was doing an online interview thing.

Looking where I am walking as I had to step around puddles from the rain, I see the ever familiar – at least for me, four leaf clover.  


I guess the ability to spot them is not limited to North America.

Wilma and I then went to Featherdale which is a wildlife sanctuary filled with Koalas, kangas, wallaby, birds, and other indigenous animals.


Got to pet the koala.



Got  pulled at and jumped on by the kangaroos who wanted fed.



Tasmanian devil looked mean.



The wombats were solid little fellows.

Later that evening we dropped off  Pebbles at fencing practice and took the bus from there into the city. 

The harbor bridge was beautifully lit.



As was the opera house that we walked up to and around.



 I’m a lucky gal.

Love Betty

3 thoughts on “Lucky down under too!

  1. Awww. Wish I was there. Glad you and Wilma are having fun. How did today go? Can hardly wait to see that post?!!!

  2. Lucky indeed!! Of course you found a 4 leaf clover-wouldn’t be right if you didn’t. Keep up with the pics-they’re amazing!

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