Last Day in Sydney


Wilma is pestering me to get the blog written before I leave.  I don’t want to as it requires that I acknowledge that this short chapter is concluding.

Today, Wilma and I headed into the city and went to “The Rocks” area where artisans and vendors set up their stands to sell their wares.

We had so much fun. We took our time and perused the booths purchasing a few items and then stopped for lunch.  

We were in front of a German restaurant where Wilma said she always wanted to try their pork knuckle.  


We sat at one of the tables outside and ordered the knuckle and a couple of beers.


The knuckle was tender and they had gotten the skin to the crackle form.  Served with a little kraut, mash, beers and good friend – in a great city on a perfect fall day, well, it doesn’t get much better than that.

We were walking by an alley and Wilma noticed it had things hanging in between the buildings.  On closer inspection we saw that it was bird cages.



We took  the bus back to pick up Pebbles at Sabre Fencing and then to “Poppy’s” (father in law) for one last family dinner. The Turners were determined that I have a proper and decent meat pie before I left since my first try with one in the city was less than satisfactory.  We had a good meat pie, peas, gravy and chips for a complete and great final Aussie meal.

Thank you Wilma and Pebbles for putting up with me and schlepping me to and from the train station every day.  Thank you Wilma for your direction and advice and for signing up for the Raw Challenge that got me over here.  That somehow feels forever ago and part of a whole different trip somehow.  The entire trip has been very rewarding.


This adventure has my feet dirty and achy, my hair is what it is, and my eyes are sparkling from the wonderful sites, times and the tears of having to say goodbye to it all so quickly.

What a great time.

Love Betty

4 thoughts on “Last Day in Sydney

  1. Awwww – my eyes are sparkling a little, too! I’m so glad you got to do this and were kind enough to share it with the rest of us!!

  2. Great trip indeed! Who knew when you signed on to be a workout buddy it would turn into this incredible adventure? And we all were able to share a little piece of it with you. Amazing. Makes my heart sparkle as well.

  3. It’s been a treat reading about your adventures there. And the pictures were amazing! I wish I could have been there to meet you. I’m also grateful that you brought a little bit of ‘home’ to Wilma & Pebbles. I know they’re missing the mountain while they’re on their Antipodean humanitarian mission. I know Wilma was sooo happy to have a friend there, one who talked and thought more like her, for while for the most part they get along, Australians & Americans are ultimately different species. It’s hard duty for Wilma there.
    Thanks too for your not insignificant part in getting Pebbles into fencing back in CO three years ago. She’s done well & may be destined to go a lot further. I hope you took a little pride in seeing our champion sword fighter in action.
    Signed…….( I guess I must be….) Fred

    1. Thanks Fred. It was an awesome trip and it was super spending time with your family and yes, there is a bit of pride seeing how well Pebbles is doing in Sabre and I’m holding hopes for Olympics in the future.
      Thank you for your support in our endeavors.

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