It could be confusing


All I can be is me

Someone recently recommended a short little journaling  course and thought I would benefit. Well, it is only to be short exercises for just a few days so I figured why not. It is an online activity hosted by an acquaintance she knows.

I filled in the box for the name as my Facebook name as it said we would need to join a private group through our facebook and it would benefit to use our facebook name.

I filled in the email address as my address as it is new and doesn’t get any spam yet so I felt secure that I wouldn’t have emails lost in the myriad of junk and spam that arrives in the main email that I use.

today you are you

I have corresponded a few times, and the poor woman has addressed the  emails to SJF and Betty.  I should probably let her know that it is really just Sally but where to start with the explanations?  This isn’t going to sound like I have mental issues at all.

Lets see, I could start that I really only signed up for Facebook to be able to follow my children on an out of the country mission trip and I didn’t want my married name on there as I work in online customer service and don’t care to have just anyone looking me up and delving into my life.  That pretty much explains the SJF.

Then I could go on to explain that the friend that she knows who recommended the jounaling exercise to me also inadvertently got me to start a blog about supporting a friend and heading to Australia.  And once again, a little nervous in showing full identity I wrote the blog as Betty.  Thus the email

I now envision she is googling the definition of paranoia to see if I am clinical.

Truth be told,  I just googled it as well.  For the record, I don’t feel people are out to get me. I was more afraid that people would discover who I am and judge the simple posts in ways not meant to be.

closed minds

Lucky for me, it doesn’t matter how I sign the end of one of my posts as the people who read it know and support in any name.

Thank you all for that.

Love Sally




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