Island Art

Isla boat sign

Isla Mujeres is a small island off the coast of Cancun that has the feel of an older style of Mexico.  It has some posh places but is more for the people who want the experience of small shops and mom and pop eateries.

Just after my visit in 2014, a group of artists came onto the island and created murals on buildings and walls. Isla Mural 3

They were all over the island.

Isla mural 1Where there had been plain concrete walls when I was here last, now there was visual interest everywhere.

Isla Mural 2

The friend that we were visiting on the island is an artist there as well that has done signs on nearly every street we would walk down.

She is currently also doing pet portraits for people and donating half of her fees to the local pet shelter.

Here is one of her Chiquita that went on the island tour with us when Devin drove us around on the golf cart.


She also does custom shoes.

sydney swag shoes

sydney swag hightop shoeYou can catch more of her works at:

You will get to see the water color she painted for me to take to the wedding when I get around to writing about that part of the trip.

Thanks Syd,

Love Sally



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