In Football Terms

These past few days have felt like we have gained yardage here and there. Not much, but moving the ball so to speak. Today we got sacked, almost fumbled and it’s forth down. The doctor wants to throw a hail mary and see if it gets us to a new set of downs.

His first chest x-ray of the day looked bad, so she re-ordered hoping it was just an angle or something. The second was marginally better than the first, but still not great. His X-rays show more air space, but it isn’t the right type of air space. They wanted to prone him again to help out the lower lungs, but he didn’t handle that at all this time and so they flipped him back and ordered a CT scan to see how his lungs were compared to last week’s views.

Bad. When the doctor comes in and says that she wants to look at the latest results together, and isn’t sporting a wide grin, you know things are not going to be what you want to hear. She pulled up the scan that BH had shown me last week to illustrate how bad he was back then and it also showed where the areas were that there was the hope of him getting better. Then she pulled up today’s scan showing those areas and how they were now worse and showing permanent scarring. It was the absolute opposite of what any of us had hoped to see.

She will start some treatment that she couldn’t do while he was sporting the staff infection, and throw everything again at his lungs to see if they can recover, but I’ll be honest, it is a hope and a prayer.

I am sorry that I don’t have the same visuals to show all of you that I have had, but there are no replay buttons on this channel.

Maybe tonight, it will be like changing quarters, we will switch ends of the field and maybe the wind could be at our back.

I let him know that everyone is cheering him on before I left.

Love Sally

4 thoughts on “In Football Terms

  1. Sally,

    I don’t know if you remember me………………. I’m the FlowMaster inserter guy from Florida that worked with Ted aka Mike and Todd a few times out of their shop in Lakewood. I came out to your house once for dinner. I just heard about Mike. Please know that I am praying for both of you.


    Bill Spencer

  2. Sally…I’ve not replied or sent messages as you have your hands, mind and everything else so full…you don’t need me saying anything.
    Please know I read your words every day and hope and pray and send good, no…great juju and anything else up to the universe to help raise your beloved Ted up and a hope the tide will turn for the better.
    I’m right across the street, my friend.
    Please let me know if I can help in any way.
    Sending my love and a huge squdge for you…and Ted…and the boys.
    Sherry Kay Anderson

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