If you wish to visit

I hate to say it, but we are nearing the point where the hospital will lift the one visitor per 24 hour period and let others visit to see Mike Ted Fill and say whatever it is they wish to say to him. Please know though that it will be more for your benefit as he is still in coma and so heavily sedated that he will not acknowledge you or have a reaction. We cannot, of coarse, know what his spirit is hearing or feeling.

Before you contemplate requesting to come, please know that it will be harsh for you. He is frail thin, hooked up to 8 or 10 IV’s, has a feeding tube down his nose, a trach into his throat, monitors all about and has enough bloody sores around his mouth and nose that I tend to joke that he looks like a zombie who ate a nurse. (I know, it’s a bit of an unpleasantly rough description, but a sense of humor is mandatory to make it through these days and I so wanted him to get better so that I could show him one day and tease him about it. It could still happen)

Please also don’t think that you should come for my benefit either. I will be ever so happy to come give you a hug away from this hospital and share Ted stories at any time.

I cannot honestly say if Mike/Ted (those who work with him, know him as Mike and the rest know him as Ted), would want you to see him like he is currently, but I will trust that you know in your heart if he would or not.

And who knows, maybe tomorrow his stats get better and not worse and some of us won’t have to cry ourselves to sleep as I did last night. I was a regular toddler who couldn’t stop herself until sleep took over and made me stop,

So, let me know if you think you really must visit. Call my cell or Mike/Ted’s cell and I’ll ask the hospital to put you on the list.

With Love,


6 thoughts on “If you wish to visit

  1. Thank you so very much for the updates and know that so many of us wake every morning thinking of you, Ted and the boys. Praying as we go through our days for healing and peace. You are surrounded by love Sal. Thank goodness love can travel through time and space❤️

  2. Dear Sally, I don’t know you and I only remember Teddy as a baby and once I met him at his Dad’s funeral but my heart and prayers go out to both of you. It isn’t over until its over, keep kicking butt. Hopefully a miracle will happen. God bless both of you.

  3. My heart feels for Ted, you and the boys. We will pray for God’s will. Giving you our love.

  4. Thank you for sharing in your blog. God’s comfort surround you with support and love. Even though we can’t be there, you & your sons are in our hearts and prayers. Please know you are not alone in spirit. Sally………we are with you.
    XO Cindy & Mick

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