Happy Thanksgiving

Today I awoke knowing it was a Happy Thanksgiving. I awoke with gratitude for the love I could feel coming in from all over the world for Ted and I. I awoke knowing that I am truly blessed and lucky.

It had snowed and gotten frigid before my drive home last evening, so it was the first real hazardous driving of the season. The 285 highway I take into the mountains was iced over and there were several spots that cars simply could not get traction and move up or much out of the way of the people who could. I made it home fine, but decided to take an alternate route this morning that would add a few minutes, but would have the benefit of morning sun to unfreeze and dry up the road.

This morning’s route took me through downtown evergreen and to my surprise, it was full of families and dogs and strollers and all kinds of people bundled up and coming up the roadside. I had totally forgotten that we have an annual turkey trot every Thanksgiving. It was a cold morning of 18 degrees when I arose, so it was likely warmer now that the sun had amassed some energy, but it still had to be quite cold. No one looked miserable and it was easy to return smiles and waves as I slowly made my way past the herd.

I thought about how sometimes people get upset with the world moving on and joy abounding when their little piece of it is mired in struggle, but I didn’t feel any of that animosity. I felt like a sponge that was soaking up their comradery, their purpose, and their family time in the chill but bright morning. I was buoyed by the messages and texts from so many friends and family this morning. I was thankful that I was headed to a hospital that has such great care and amazing nurses and would get to spend at least one more day with Ted.

Please don’t think that I am having a bad day, because I am not. This is a day to reflect and celebrate our blessings and honestly, I don’t know anyone more blessed than myself. Everyone has hard things that happen in their life, but not everyone has the amount of people who send so much support and love that I do. The connections I have made to people because of this, have only enriched me even more. Yes, Ted’s condition remains tentative, but I will still get today with him and be joyous about it.

So, Hug your family, your framily, your peeps or whomever you get to share your day with. Keep Ted and I in your thoughts, but don’t be sad for us. Raise a toast or say a prayer for us if you will, but be sure to be thankful in your prayer for all that has been received and continues to be received. We are so thankful.

Love Sally

Just a note: I have one more post today and it is for the Dr.’s and Nurses of ICU. I know I have covered this partially on another post, but since then, I was asked to write something that they could share with their loved ones and others about what pulls on their hearts. If you have someone who is a healthcare worker in your life, maybe share it with them so that they can post for their families to read. So many have wished for a perspective from my side of the bed as they feel their voices have fallen on deaf ears of some family members. I’ll post it later and I hope it helps even one of them. I am putting the info here so that I do not clutter up their post later.

Ted’s gases were not good this morning, so he is back to 80% on the ventilator and honestly, they likely could go higher on the vent settings. We will see how the day progresses.

2 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. I will rejoice in your faith and love. God please hold Ted in your hands and care for Sally and the boys. There are two health care workers in my family, one was an ICU nurse until recently. I will share this with them. God bless and love from our family to your s.

  2. I have always admired your perspective in your posts, since you started this blog. But particularly today. Always sending positive healing energy to Ted and love to your family.

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