Happy St. Patrick’s Day

happy st. paddy

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all!

I am blessed to spend the evening with a friend whom I have known longer than I have not (more than half my life for those mathematically challenged).  She has lived out of state for the past 20 years or so and yet when we get together, it is like we are still young and crazy.  We are not made of the same cloth in so many ways, but we are both exactly who we are around one another and it is the being completely yourself around someone that plants the deepest roots of friendship.


Wishing you all blessing of friendship and happiness this fine holiday.

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Wilma,  I was sore today, but still did my walk at lunch and tried the monkey bars at the park and today I did 6 of them!  Results are coming along!  I will do the rest of the reps later.  Hope you are feeling better.

Love Betty.

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