Happy Birthday Mr. Aeschliman

My sister in law’s dad just turned 90.

90 years filled with family, fishing, lessons and stories.

Happy Birthday Mr Aeschliman.
You taught us all many thing:  taught us to have some patience. That if you love to do something, do it every day, but then share the results with those you love. To be kind and giving. To think of your environment and your imprint upon it.

I think you converted more people to love a good fish fry than anyone I know. I know for me, I couldn’t get my children to try fish for anything, but one afternoon with you and they, like the fish you coaxed onto your line, were hooked. Caught up in the care you took and eyeing the whole process, they just had to try, and of coarse, they were not disappointed. I think that anyone who got lucky enough to be around you cooking up your fish, couldn’t help but taste in those morsels the morning dew and rising sun or evening sunset over sparkling waters of the fishing spots you frequented.

The taste of patience, the meditative sequence of casting out and reeling in – as natural to you as breathing. In those bites we could taste the putting your hook out in unseen waters and expecting something good to come if it,  and tasting the results of that.  Real affirmation of – if you expect good things, then you get good things.

I’m glad it’s been so many years of you sharing your stories and life with the rest of us. A celebration indeed.

Many more blessings to you and all of us too.

Love Sally

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