Halfway Point


raw challenge

I pulled up my calendar at work today and realized it is just 4 weeks from tonight that I leave for Australia.  I go from knowing how incredible this journey has been so far, to connecting to how surreal this has been and once in a while I just sit in denial that this is not really me.  I mean who does this?

So tonight I go back to looking at some of the obstacles in the event.

tyre power wall

The Tyre Power Wall looks achievable, but I can so envision having hands or feet in certain positions and then someone coming along behind or down the other side and getting said hands or feet pinched in an excruciating position.  I’ll exercise caution and consider this completed.

foam slide


The Foam Slide:  Give me a Margarita and call it the lazy river.  There are no style points, so unless I ricochet over the top and into the next obstacle,  I have this one in the bag.

the trenches

The Trenches: crawling through mud and water on your back with a cage over the top.  Guess I won’t wear my new white outfit knowing that there is now way to stay clean after this one.  Oh, what am I thinking.  It will be there fall season and no one wears white once fall starts.  My eternal slave to fashion can be postponed (we all can recognize the sarcasm here).

giant slide

The Giant Slide:  This just looks like a ton of fun.  Can I do this one twice and skip one of the others?  Looks like some people go down in tandem or multiples, so maybe Wilma and I can do together.  I’m pretty sure there will be stories to go with many of these, but this one should include screaming and laughter.

Wilma, I celebrated my good friend buying his first house today, so you can consider it more training for the drink after the race.  I also got in over 3 miles and some triceps dips on the benches and partial pull ups.

I saw Jane’s post and I did get my jump rope.

Love Betty


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