Great Night on the Deck


I came home from work with the plan of finishing the planting of my flowers.

I don’t know that I recall a year that we have waited to plant this late.  

We had snow and frost right up until June and plenty of hail with spring storms.  Not good planting conditions.

Even tonight just after I got home, we had a storm move through with some tiny hail.  The sun was chasing it away, so if you look closely at the photo below you can see a low rainbow that peaks just at the mountain ridge and ends right into my flower garden.

rainbow into flower garden

I don’t think I’ve ever seen the end of a rainbow that close!

So dinner was made and a bit of cleaning inside done  since the ground was again soaked and too wet to plant.
When it was time to relax, the sun had dried off the wrought iron chairs and I could relax and catch the sunset. 

Nice Evening on deck

The temperature was perfect and no bugs at all to be seen/heard/felt.  I Do love Colorado.

Love Sally

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