GI Jane Fitness to the Rescue?

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Today Wilma informed me that  we officially have a personal trainer.  I am divided by two reactions: the first is the “Oh my goodness, we have a personal trainer!  This is going to be so awesome!”  The second is the “Oh my goodness, we have a personal trainer!  Can I fake a debilitating injury now?

Our training is being provided by GI Jane PT & Fitness. She posts in our private group: “Welcome to GI Jane Raw Online. Here you will receive at-home workouts training sessions and guidance designed to help you not only achieve your health and fitness goals, but to prepare you for upcoming sporting events and challenges that we may compete in as part of Team Jane. Feel free to post your experiences and thoughts on the sessions, as well as any pics of you sweating through the workouts! And, as always, recipes, pictures of your tasty treats and team motivation are welcome additions in the group. I look forward to your company and your progress over the next few weeks – tomorrow we begin!”

Wilma and I are sent a questionnaire to fill out gauging where we are and were we want to be.  I feel like if I put that I want to be by my friend on a bar stool having a pint after the race might get me extra reps of some horrible exercise that ties your body in a knot and requires 8 more days of torture until you actually can move somewhat normally again.  I tread lightly and try to answer without sarcasm (my first good workout for her).

We have to do a wall sit for as long as you can hold it, take your pulse after three minutes of stepping up and down onto a stool or something, do as many pushups as you can on your toes and then go to your knees in a minute, see how long you can hold a plank (I went with a 2X6 from Barney’s woodpile – just kidding), then count your tricep dips for a minute.


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I want to ask how many days I can put between each test, but time to suck it up and get to work.

I’m a bit thankful Wilma has had me doing the minimum she has required so far as it might save me from serious embarrassment as I’m sure everyone else in the program is young and fit.

Wilma, Tell Jane I should be emailing the forms relinquishing her from jury trial from my death from workout -and the results of my test later tonight.  I walked 2.2 miles at lunch and walked the dogs when I got home.  After her test stuff, not sure there is much else I plan to do.

Love Betty


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