Getting my hug ticket

I will freely admit that when the Covid vaccine came out, I was skeptic and not thinking that I would be one to jump in and get one. I am not one to get an influenza shot – I probably haven’t had one of those in 15 years. I’ve been healthy, so I never felt the need to get a flu shot. I was feeling the same way about the Covid vaccine until it became apparent that I have people in my life that should I wish to spend time with them, I need to make sure that I protect myself from getting something that could adversely affect them.
The exact moment that this kicked in for me was seeing a post from a friends daughter – the daughter is a yoga teacher and very healthy wholistic person. Her mom, my friend, has had a heart transplant about three years ago now. The virus that she caught that killed her heart was actually a covid strain that had already been around. Anyway, when the daughter posted on Instagram that she had gotten her shot, my friend had typed in a comment of how pleased she was that they would be able to hug again. I smiled as I read that and said to myself, if getting a shot will allow me to hug my friend again, then, sign me up for the shot.

Problem was, I wasn’t in the current list of those that qualified. It’s been a long long time since I wasn’t old enough for something that had an age requirement.

Well, my age group finally made it to the inclusion list, but all of a sudden, there were no openings for an appointment to get the shot. I’d log in at 2:00 am when I’d wake up in the middle of the night and check, but nothing in my area. I’d log in at lunch and check. I found a couple, but by the time I clicked on them, they were already taken.

Yesterday, I decided that I would just keep checking to see if anything came up, and lo and behold, an appointment opened up at the pharmacy just 8 blocks from my office for today. I was even able to make the second appointment.

I was surprised at how happy I was to actually be signed up to get a shot. I think back to being in grade school and there being a day when we all stood in line at school to get the smallpox shot or was it polio, I can’t quite recall. Everyone got it, so that no one would get the disease. I’m hoping that enough people now also cut down the number of people who are apt to get the covid virus.

For me, covid feels like the bully in the neighborhood, you may fly under the radar and not be effected, but there are those we see getting pummeled and even killed. So, if I can help get the bully out of my neighborhood by getting a couple of jabs, then I’ll do it.

So far, I’ll be the only one in my household getting the shots, but that’s ok. Everyone has to do what is right for them, and this is what is right for me.

Wish me luck.


4 thoughts on “Getting my hug ticket

  1. Yay, you!! I, too, never get flu shots and can’t remember the last time I actually got the flu. Even the bottle flu. And when that happens, I just go for a nice long run. Or a bike ride. Every one knows how effective these activities are… but I digress. I also am healthy, and am O Negative, and type O blood types have scientifically been proven to be less susceptible to getting Covid, or suffering badly if the virus is contacted. Still, I will also be getting the vaccination. Not so much for myself but rather I see it as my civic duty. If we all just took the time to take this relatively small step, Covid 19 could be eradicated. Thousands of lives would be saved. It is simply a matter of doubt m sign m doing your part for the greater good, period.

    So again, YAY YOU!!!!

    Love you my good pal Sal!!

      1. Well, um, no actually, you did not know I was O Negative, because I’m not. Guess I need more control over my left hand. I meant I’m O POSITIVE. Slight diff, but indeed a difference! You, you Angel you, can give your blood to anyone who needs blood. I’m more limited. But we are both the Big O! Just remember, I’m positive, your negative, but don’t read too much into that… 😉

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