Getting a Sendoff

We had a bit of a sendoff tonight from our wilder neighbors last night.

elk in the backyard

Below, you can see that two were fighting over who would pose for us. (that is my story anyway)

sparing elk

The babies from spring are getting bigger.

elk eating our flowers

There were more big males than I have seen around one herd. The one below is different than the one above and there were about 5 or 6 with good size racks hanging around the fringes with the big one bugling and keeping the main heard with him.  The one below was singling out a date for the evening.

elk by the garden

This big boy below had been beaten down and was limping and had scrapes on his forehead from a recent fight.

big elk

We have a love / hate relationship with the wildlife as we both seem to enjoy our gardens and this is the time of year when our watered gardens have the only greenery left and so are like by them and us.

Love Sally

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