Evening Glow

For the evening glow session of the Balloon Fiesta we drove to the mall and hopped on one of the hundreds of school buses that the Balloon Fiesta used to shuttle people into the grounds for the event.

The evening glow was made up of the special shape and themed balloons of which there were more than we could completely capture.

Where else can you catch a view of Spider Pig?

Spider Pig

There were ones that were meant to be together.

sal iphone 071
There were ones that you could imagine a conversation from them or between two of them.

Wow! those New Mexico green chilies are hot! Houston, I have my own booster rocket today!



Hey Yoda, don’t these burners just sound like my voice box normally does?

Yoda and Darth
You know, I could use a dog wearing a hat and suspenders in my clown show. What do you say?

Clown and dog

Oh wise one, my basket is sore and people say I’m glowing, do you think I might be pregnant?

sal iphone 056

The evening glow was followed by a laser light show, fireworks and a band.  Pretty stellar night.

laser lights at fiesta

Love Sally

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