Early Morning Visit and Chase


First thing I saw outside this morning was an elk in the yard.  A solitary gal looking to taste as much of the bushes and trees she could reach over the fences we use to offer a semblance of protection.

We try very hard to plant and get many flowers, shrubs and trees to grow in our short season environment.  Keeping elk and deer from decimating the foliage is imperative to the success of the the flora.

So I let the puppy down into the yard to chase away the offender.

They jockeyed for position around a row of fenced aspen before I thought to grab my phone.  If all works correctly, you can see it below.


I had filmed the first portion of the elk chasing the dog and then turned my phone to landscape mode to capture a wider view not knowing that the video would be half sideways as it doesn’t correct in the video.

I downloaded a movie app and was able to correct it. Count new skill.

I went to load it here and at first it was an attachment that had to be downloaded by the viewer.  I didn’t want that as I wouldn’t download something I didn’t know the content so would not expect anyone else to either.

So guess who also learned how to upload a YouTube video today!  If nothing else, this blog endeavor has taught me many new little skills.

Tonight when I came home I wanted to get a few photos of a some of our flowers in our gardens.  I won’t include them all today, but keeping in the animal theme, the purple iris photo I took looked like a Chinese Dragon or lion cartoon style faceto me.  See if you can see it too.

purple iris



Love Sally

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