Dinner and Dead with a surprise visit.


life is full of surprises

Today is the season finally of “The Walking Dead”.  For those who are not familiar, it is a show about survival in the zombie apocalypse.   I really had little interest in the show as I  had seen the first episode then decided that I would rather read then see the gore of the show.  But sometimes something happens that surprises you.

Well, my family got hooked and then they got our good friends hooked as well.  So “Dinner and Dead” was started.  You see, I can watch and make fun of just about anything if it involves good food and friends.

So for the past few seasons, their family of four and our family of four have gotten together for amazing dinners and then sit down to watch/scrutinize/analyze the walking dead and usually stay to see the “Talking Dead” show afterward.  The Talking Dead is possibly my favorite segment as they end of verbalizing much of our conversations during the show.

Our friends then started making commemorative cakes for the mid-season and end of season finales.

Below was the Easter marshmallow zombie bunny cake.

easter dead cake

Then they did a homage to what I was told was a season one episode with a gal dragging her half body along. (I still haven’t seen the first few seasons).

sally iphone 001

Next time it was the “Look at the flowers Lizzy” cake with some of the bunnies she had cut up.

Lizzy cake

Then last time we had the “Terminus” cake complete with a box car and a circle of bones.

sal iphone 087

For the past several months it has only been the seven of us since #1 son is away at welding school.  Then to my surprise, he showed up today as he has a two week break from school due to changing programs.  So good to see him!  Turns out he hasn’t been watching as it isn’t as enjoyable without the Dinner and Dead for him either.

Our friends have been out of town, so there will be no commemorative cake for tonight’s episode.

I did however make a home made lemon meringue pie for dessert to celebrate first born being home.   We are also having brisket, seasoned baked potato wedges,  beans, home made rolls and salad.  It’s really the meal and friends that make it special every Sunday.

special sunday

Wilma,  I did get up and do a set of Jane’s exercises before running out of time. I also went for my Sunday hike.  Last night I was feeling guilty about taking the day off so I did some pull-up attempts.  I can’t still do them all the way, but am making if farther.  I cranked on my shoulder a little too much as it seems that I can go to a certain point without pain, but when I get closer to getting my chin up there, it is too much for the shoulder.  I’ve learned my lesson and will continue the other exercises to strengthen it and when attempting the pull-ups, will only go half way.

I also changed the order of the exercises Jane has us doing as I seriously can’t have the last ones being on the floor where I can just roll over and rest.  And by rest, I mean go back to sleep on the carpet.

Love Betty


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