Committed all the way


looking back

The “wonder if” I will make it to Australia has been replaced with “check your schedule” because here I come.  I purchased my plane ticket today!

I found that United had dropped prices from what they had previously had and they also had flights with only one stop.  Sounded good, checked with Barney and he said to jump on it while available, so I started the online booking.

I got to the part where they say to make sure your using the same name as on your passport so I went to get my passport to be sure how it read and couldn’t find it.  Want to know the quickest way to surf through the piles you have let get out of control because you will deal with it another time?  Be in the middle of booking an international flight and find out the passport isn’t where you thought you had it.


Several piles down and a trash bin full, I check the internet to see how long it takes to get a replacement if necessary.  I know I cannot tell Wilma I’m not coming because I lost my passport as she will have me cleaning every corner of every space until I find it and really, I would rather do the insidious Burpee exercises.  I finally locate it in the travel bag I leave half packed.  I faintly remember putting it together when we were evacuated last year when there was a forest fire nearby.

I’m leaving the evening of the 28th and arriving the morning of the 30th of April.  This is certainly one ball that started rolling and doesn’t look like it stops until I’m face deep in mud in Sydney, Australia.committedI am fully committed to the plan.  There is little room for turning back now.

staying committedWilma says I also need a visa. I hope that doesn’t take too much time.



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