Comfort Zone


Here is how my mind worked this morning.

Back up. Let me say that now that I have decided to jump back into this adventure of blogging, I’m often thinking about how many stories I’ve passed up over the summer.  Not the hard ones, but the seemingly easy ones that should go down without thought.

Problem is, they are not flowing as easily as they should, or I can’t seem to get a feel on the order they should be presented and it is causing the funnel to clog.   See, the truth of it is, I want to be witty and glib and the ones that gnaw on me to come out are not of that emotion.

So this morning, in a bit of prayerful meditation, I ask if I might be directed in what I can convey today.

I take a shower and before putting on my jeans, I find that there is well washed folded up paper in the back pocket.  Wanting to check it out to see if I can even tell what it once was prior to a wash or five, I just grab the paper, my jeans, socks and shoes and walk out to the kitchen to start the coffee.

washed paper

It isn’t until I walk into the lights of the kitchen not fully clothed, that I remember that we have company spending the night.  Well, wouldn’t that be special for my hubby’s high school buddy to walk in and see! NOT.

I quickly get into my jeans (I was going to write “slip into my jeans” but seriously, that isn’t how it happens), and think about how I am in my comfort zone of my own home but I need to remember when others might be about.  I don’t worry about my family, they are never up when I leave for work.

Then it clicks in my brain that my current problem with the blogging is that I want to keep it in my comfort zone and that is not where the special things happen.

comfort vs magic

I started this all by stepping way outside of my comfort zone in the first place, so I need to let go of my restraints and allow the stories that hit me to come out as sometimes those stories might be more for a reader than for me anyway.

So bear with me as I try to establish a groove, get you caught up on the little tales of the summer and other anecdotes that cause me discomfort as well.

move out of your comfort zone

It’s funny how life gives you little reminders.


I was thinking during the morning at work that I should finish or change the blog at lunch today while I have some free time. During this time, a friend sends me the photo above  from her walk.  I smiled as I took it as an affirmation that even the turtle has to come out of his comfort zone of his shell to move forward.

Love Sally

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