Cheering on the Colorado Avalanche

Colorado Avelanche

Trixie has invited me to cheer on the Colorado Avalanche hockey team tonight.  Whoot!  Go Avs!

It reminds me of why I have a sore shoulder and bone bruise on my knee.  I wasn’t playing hockey, but earlier this winter as Barney, Bam Bam and I were out ice skating on a friends pond, Bam Bam decided it would be fun to try to catch his dear mother while skating.  It was more of a “I’ll bet I can run you down” kind of attitude and while I am generally faster and can turn quicker, it came to a point where there was a full body check and I went down in a heap on my knee and shoulder.  I’m pretty sure I cried and screamed something to the effect of “IF YOU WANT TO DO THAT KIND OF CRAP, DO IT TO YOUR FATHER!”

Actual photo of Bam Bam on pond
Actual photo of Bam Bam on pond with Barney

The injuries are not debilitating on any level, but I can still feel pain in my knee if I kneel and the shoulder cannot take certain motions.  I am hoping some specific exercises will help the shoulder heal quicker.

In the meantime, I’ll be happy to watch professionals hit each other on ice and keep to couples skating if I’m to be touching someone while on blades.

I did feel like I got in some of my workout while attending the game.

We walked the steps up to our seats which were near center, but just two rows from the press boxes at the top, so lets just say several flights of steps.

It would have been nice to say we performed pseudo squat jumps as we jumped from our seats for the rapid scoring. But truth is, our chances were few.  We lost 5-2.

I did get some unexpected stretching in while in the restroom.  I happened to choose the last open stall and it wasn’t until I was in that I realized the door did not close.  Sure that I can hold it shut and pee at the same time, I lean against the door while I unbuckle and prepare for some relief.  As I back up to hover, I realize my arm doesn’t seem long enough for the task.  Contemplating buckling back up and getting back in line when I am already so committed does not seem an option. So I stretch with my left arm and lean and nope I am not quite on target.  So I try with the other arm as some people have longer legs on one side, so maybe my right arm is longer for some reason.  I reach and stretch, and lean in a little more and stretch a little harder – I’m thinking, boy can I feel this stretch.  GI Jane is gunna be proud of me! Except I still can’t reach far enough and now I am at near full  bladder capacity .  I realize the absurdity of the situation, but now it is a matter of finding a way to make this work without giving up so I grab my nifty cell phone out of my pocket and it gives me the extra 4.5 inches needed to finally take care of business.

I am here to say that workouts can be done in most any situation.

Wilma,  I got in 2 miles at lunch and the Fitbit shows 4 miles total for the day.  I did the presses, upright rows, the new ones with the weight you said to do and I will do a few planks and squats before bed.

Love Betty,

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  1. I am SO impressed with you…the trick with the phone was inspired, I am going to use it! You’re right-workouts CAN be done in almost any situation. Personally for my arms, I favour child-wrangling. Do what you can, keep up the good work and I look forward to your next installment! GI

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