Bullwinkle Pays a Visit

Yesterday, we had our first corn hole tournament of the summer. It is a bit later than normal, but we had snows up until June and then camping trips, so it really was the first available weekend for it.

We played most of the day and was taking a break to eat all the delicious food that everyone had brought to share, when a moose came walking through just below our playing area.

There has been a few moose in our area for several years now, but usually to the south of us. Never had we seen one in our yard.

He then took a swim in the neighbor’s pond.

After a cooling dip, he went through the horse pasture and up the valley.

What a treat for everyone to see.

Hope you had a wonderful holiday with surprises and wonder as well.



3 thoughts on “Bullwinkle Pays a Visit

  1. We had such a wonderful visit. It never seems long enough, but we returned home just in time to save Guinness from the scary fireworks! He always seems to think we’re under attack. You got spectacular pics of the visitor. Enjoy your week & we hope to see you guys again soon.

  2. Great wild life sighting, as usual. And great continuing cartoon connections. (Your life always seems to have threads.)–N.

  3. Great pics!! Great party! Thank you to you and Ted for the invite and being the most excellent of hosts. I look forward to another tourney and the use of my dominant arm! Much love! XOXOX

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