Sept. 20, 2015

birthday cake

So, today is my birthday as many of you already know. Thank you for the many wishes.

That is not my cake above as if you know me, you know that I prefer a Birthday Pie.  Elderberry when in Ohio where they can be pulled out of some relative’s freezer.  Otherwise, any pie will do.

birthday pie

That is the Pie I get today.  The photo was texted to me last night as a teaser for what I can expect today when our group of Mom’s get together for an afternoon of fun today.

I’ll let you know  the rest of my birthday weekend later but thought I would share this:  I’ve decided that my present to myself is to get back to blogging.  I’ve missed it and what it provides for me – mainly an outlet and connection with folks I love and don’t get enough time with.

There were a couple of events over the summer that got me clogged up in my inability to convey and so my other summer stories just got jammed up as well.

I wasn’t writing anything down, so it didn’t take long for feelings to also stack and soon got to the point of “there are so many little stories to tell, I can’t begin to know where to start”. So I didn’t.

Since birthdays are one of those markers of time where we can stop and think of the past year and be hopeful of the next, it seems a good place for me to jump back in.

So, good, bad or indifferent, get ready to see the musings of my days or weeks. I hope you’ll follow along and add a comment or two along the way..



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