Barney Saves the Day – and the pocketbook

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This morning Bam Bam drove my car and when he parked it in the driveway he forgot to put it into park prior to turning it off.  Normally that is not an issue. You step on the brake, put it in park and then you can take out the keys.  Not today.

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Today once it was turned off you couldn’t put it into park, couldn’t start it, couldn’t take out the keys.  It could not have been rendered more useless. I checked all that I could think of and then got Barney.

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Barney confirmed what we had seen and said to go Google the issue and find out how to remedy.  I do believe this is one of the first times where I couldn’t find someone right away who had experienced the same problem and posted a solution on Youtube.  We kept finding references to solenoids and switches, but no diagrams to find where they were located.

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So Barney took apart the console to see if we could find the issue in the shifter.

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It was such a technical piece of work that I won’t even get into what all we (Barney with me watching) did to get it working again.

keep calm its the flux capacitor


Which is Techno Babble for we unplugged, moved some things, put them back and it worked and we have no clue what was wrong to begin with.

I just thank my lucky stars that I married a man who can fix most anything and this doesn’t have to come out of my ticket money.

Wilma, I see Jane posted a workout for tomorrow.  I will see about downloading that app for timing the intervals.  I had almost 5 miles on the Fitbit today and no I did not do the Burpees!

Love Betty



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    1. Your kidding. I’m not doing anything after that workout today. Except maybe a steam shower with some wintergreen to soothe the aches.

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