Awesome Morning Hike

It’s been a chilly week and it snowed the prior night, but I had no doubt I would still get my hike in yesterday with my good friend.  The temperature gauge might read cold, but it never fails to be better when we get to our beloved Three Sisters Park.  Be it the scenery, the camaraderie or just magic, this is a walk that just makes me feel better even if I start out in a great mood.

The snow and cold had created beautiful crystals on the blades of grass looking like fuzzy antennae on the snowy landscape.

crystals on grass

As we traipsed through the trees, we  couldn’t help but stop and appreciate the shadows and sun-kissed branches.


The trees were still frosted and coated in snow and every turn gave a different view of our familiar winter wonderland.

sal iphone 019

The shrubs tried to see if they could hold as much snow as the trees.  And I started to play with my filters.


3 sisters hike

Woody was ecstatic that it was a slow day and he could be let off the leash in the secluded areas.  He still wants to pose anytime the camera is out – and he does a fine pose too!

Woody on a snowy hike

More shrubs, more filters.

snow covered bushes

Gorgeous views.

great views at three sisters park

The Alderfer Homestead in the background.

3 sisters homestead

And then as we were walking the last little bit, I saw this patch of crystallized snow and was amazed at how it looked like a snow geode.

snow geode

People can read about our cold and snow and figure it is not their cup of tea, but until you are here and get to enjoy it for yourself, you will never know for sure.

Love Sally

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