And Then it was Summer

Spring flew by in a flash. Yesterday, I realized that it was likely the first day since I had stepped away from my job that I didn’t have a list as long as my arm that needed to be done the same day, nor were there people stopping by to help out with something. It was a quiet day. I worked on getting some of the calls to companies that I knew would take hours to complete – still didn’t get the task accomplished, but at least I’m a few more hours closer to the goal. I did some mowing, and some dusting (the pine pollen had formed a layer onto every surface previously recently cleaned), and took a nap. Not a bad way to begin the summer.

In the rear view mirror and off the list of “firsts” to be experienced was Ted’s June Memorial and Corn Hole Tournament. I’m glad to say that I would classify it more as a joy-filled event, than a sorrowful one. Not that tears were not spilled, but it was so full of Ted, that it was easy to be comforted in the fact that he was indeed there within the friends, colleagues, and a sprinkling of the family (we will have much more family at the July memorial in Ohio).

While we didn’t have a formal ceremony at anytime within the day, it was still filled with the expected stories shared between attendees as folks from different circles got to know one another and relay how they knew Mike/Ted. Photos were laughed at and sometimes cried at. Friends from the Carolinas to Seattle and many parts in between had come and so friends old and newer got to meet and tell each other their version of Ted all the while creating new stories to be remembered an told down the road.

Ted would have been pleased with the house and yard. the bright orange poppies were beginning to bloom as were many of the iris around the yard. Yes, this would be much later than anyone reading this who is not at our altitude, but you must remember that we were still receiving heavy snow up until the end of May.

A huge Thank-You to all who helped get the yard, gardens, waterfalls, and house in order. Santa’s got nothing on me for awesome helpers. If ever I had thought that I would be alone in this world without Ted, the support that has flowed in and over me has put that to rest.

The food was amazing – as are all who put the time and effort into so many of the great sides and desserts. Ted loved desserts best, so he would have been in heaven if he wasn’t already there.

A special Thank You to Gayle and Joe and all the helpers for roasting the pig to perfection and Galen and Ciara for the all-night dedication to the awesome smoked brisket.

The cornhole tournament was won by the team of Rich and Cutter who overcame an early loss to come back and win it all. Congratulations guys. Ted would have loved to play against you.

Thanks for all who came from near and far and played and cheered and shared your love for our Mike Ted Fill.

Love Sally

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  1. That all sounds as good as it could be. Take another day or two to relax and then GTO!

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