All in the Way you Look at It


see things differently

On my Sunday weekly walk, we walked for probably an entire year and would go past this one tree that rose up by two boulders and thought nothing of it.  It was fairly straight and beautiful and by itself.straight tree


One day, we happened to turn around and look at the tree from the opposite direction.  It was not growing straight up at all.  It was an illusion from our normal view.

a tree through struggles

The tree was almost at a 45 degree angle when we looked at it from the side.  I can imagine it starting out growing in that boulder and as it rooted itself and grew stronger and older it split that boulder in two and now the rock that caused it to struggle and grow in a crooked way is now actually providing support for the weight that pulls on it to one side.

We were astonished that we could have walked by it so many times and not seen the results of the struggles it had been through.

everyone a tree


And so to my forest of friends and family…..  Oh, nevermind,  I was about to get sappy.  (good grief, I can hear some of you groan from here. Can’t a gal throw in a pun every now and then?) (besides, you should all know that I love you just how you are by now)

Love Betty

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