A good Age to Be


archbishops ceiling

Tonight I went with the gals to the play “The Archbishop’s Ceiling” at our regional theater.  It is a Arthur Miller play and was possibly a little to cerebral for me after a long week at work.  I almost caught myself closing my eyes to just listen for a bit.  Yeah, last time I did that, I slept through the play.  I held it together and enjoyed it possibly more for being with my friends than the actual play content.  Although I thought most of the acting was excellent.

I attended the play with a friend my age and two friends that are or near thirty years my senior.  They are the kind of gals I hope to be in thirty years as they are hilariously funny, have tons of stories and have a great love of God and life.

I have come to realize recently that I am at a great age for which to have friends of all ages.  I have a few in their twenties that I can still relate to on many aspects, some in their thirties that I feel that isn’t that far removed some days, and anyone within ten years give or take is considered to be my age.  The gals on the upper end are equally relate able and so I have to consider myself to be in luck to be on par with being just about anyone’s friend these days. Anyone with a kind soul, a quick laugh and a story to tell that is.

Much can be learned from a variety of friends.



Today Wilma texted me first thing to do multiple sets of all the normal repetitions we had been doing and then to do them a couple more times as in multiple sets.  I thought she was just taking out a reported bad mood on me.

Then today Jane (our trainer) posts:  DO

1 minute Squats
15 (each leg) Lunges
20 jump squats
50 Angry Punches in a squat position
1 minute hi knee jog on spot
50 Mountain Climbers
45 second plank
50 Fitness Test situps (on back, palms on thighs, shoulders off ground, fingertips move to knees)

Rest for 2 minutes then repeat circuit x 3

Sounds to me like the Flinstone family (Jane is Wilma’s step daughter) is in cahoots to make me suffer.

Getting to bed at this late hour, I’m not holding out much hope that I will awake in 5 hours to pull this off.  I’ll give it a go when I get home tomorrow.


Wilma, I did do some sets this morning and tomorrow I will just DO IT.

Love Betty

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