A Day for a Good Book

I awoke today to cold.  Beyond cold, beyond freezing for this time of year.  By the weather map on my phone, it was 7 degrees and getting colder!


I replied to a few texts from Thanksgiving that had come in whilst I slumbered and I ached with desire to stay in a warm bed instead of getting up and going to work.

Oh, to sit around the roaring fire that will heat the house today, read a good book, and drink a warm and comforting beverage. Heck, if I could stay home, I would even promise to go for a chilling walk in the park with the dog.  – Probably a short one as I don’t want his paws to get too frozen and I mainly want to get some photos of how gorgeous the trees are with the snow frozen to each tiny branch and needle.

snow covered needles on pine

The Aspens are their own displays of beauty.


Unfortunately, I was not able to stay home and headed off to work upon the icy and snow-packed roads.  I have been listening to an audio book lately on my commute. I had a friend tell me I needed to watch the movie “Wild” soon.  It was not on my upcoming TV schedule, was not showing available on Netflix and I even checked Redbox to find out it was not there either. (even though I have yet to use a redbox and would have had to figure that one out).  I have an AudioBooks account that I signed up for the freebies for my Australia trip that I have yet to cancel, so I figured I why not get it on audio.

Wild movie photo

The book is written and especially read in such a way that most times I can envision myself saying many of the same things had I been on such an adventure.  I laugh out loud, cried when she speaks of losing her mother and generally just relate to much of it.

I am about half way through the book. Today, I was enjoying the story and being in my now warm cocoon of a car, started to wonder just how far would I need to drive today to enjoy the stark currently harsh but beautiful landscapes around me as I listened to Cheryl Strayed’s account of her journey through beautiful and harsh trails.

I overcame the notion and made it into work anyway.  Seems as though my mind was much more wanting to spend the day with a book – either at home or in the car – than it was to hear customer complaints today.

Here’s wishing your day is spent where your mind takes you.







3 thoughts on “A Day for a Good Book

  1. Sal!!
    Hope you had a good thanksgiving. I liked the movie but haven’t read the book. Thinking of you this morning.

    1. You must have picked up on my thoughts as I was thinking of you this morning as well. My Thanksgiving was awesome. How was yours?

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