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Snowed In



Spring? Sure, spring snow, wet and heavy.

First morning shot

I awoke this morning to the couple feet of snow that was predicted.  I had already received the call that our mountain area schools were closed for our county.  I trudged out to the car stomping down some snow on my way and noticing that it was heavy and very pack-able.

snowy birdfeeder

I started the car and was able to drive forward about 4 feet and it seemed I might be able to make it out.  I had parked facing outward to ensure for best odds.  First try I made it about half way up.  I managed to back into the space and give it another try.  I made if farther and so I kept trying (shoveling is not an option for this gal).  The problem became that the more I packed the snow with the wheels, the more slick the surface became and pretty soon I was going sideways more than I was moving in a linear way.

My motto of living in the mountains is that if I can’t make it out with a 4 wheel drive vehicle, then I shouldn’t go.  The snow was above my bumper, so I was essentially plowing best I could with my poor Subaru.  I texted the photos to my work crew and said I wouldn’t be in any time soon.

still snowing

I soon had visions of all that could be accomplished with staying home.  I checked the computer for messages and browsed flights and hotel on the chance that I take a jaunt up to Brisbane while I’m in Australia.

Barney got up and soon after having some breakfast and coffee together the power went out.

All of a sudden, most of the plans went out the window.  Why is it that when you have electricity it doesn’t seem like there is anything you need it for to complete the tasks at hand and when you don’t have it, all you can think of is the next job on the list that needs power.

Snowy Deck

Barney went out and got the generator out of the shed and gassed it up. We soon had partial power.  Problem was, it didn’t go the the computer or the laundry room which were two places I needed to spend time at.

I contemplated finding the snow shoes and taking the puppy out for some much needed energy draining but Bam Bam took him out while he attempted to shovel the drive so motivation was gone and I moved onto other tasks.

The sun did come out this afternoon and diminished the snow level by a good amount but the weather service is calling for more tonight.  Oh, and we did get power by early afternoon so I was able to get a few things checked off the list.

It was a beautiful day, but not looking too much like spring today.

make spring

Wilma, I did manage some reps with weights, worked in some sumo squats, the push ups and thought about jumping rope (I’m sure that counts)

Love Betty



australia stamp


It has been asked about my traveling without family since I have ventured to Mexico and a few other jaunts without them now.

Some of my family is more adventurous than others.  Barney would prefer to be within the distance of home so that if things don’t go well he can leave and be back in his own bed and have his own bathroom without much delay.  He is adventurous, but likes the comforts of home as well.

It was a peek into the future when three weeks into our month long trip through Europe on our honeymoon he turned to me and said “the Broncos are playing the Browns this weekend, do you want to cut the trip short and go back?”  He had had enough of not knowing what we were ordering off of the menus and only speaking English to me for a few days.  I managed to guilt him into staying and we had a great time but it was a harbinger of things to come.

He does not seem to mind me going now though and I know he would have never made it through the Mexico customs line.  He would have been back on the tarmac trying to get on the next plane back to home.

define travel

Son#1 is more willing to enlarge the circle of travel than Barney depending upon whom he is traveling with and the climate he is going to.  His only response to when I asked him what he thought of my trip was that it was going to be hot.

Bam Bam will go anywhere with anyone who is paying.  He would have loved the Mexico trip and would love to join me on this one as well but both were in the school year and well, he has yet to pony up any funds to contribute. My stance is that if you want to go bad enough you will contribute to go.  He is also going on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic this summer so he will have a trip of his own soon.  He is providing effort to go to that one.  He also went to Ecuador two years ago as did Son #1.

When I asked Bam Bam what he thought of me going down under and doing the Raw Challenge, his response was that he would have done that with me as well. He just didn’t want to be  stuck in the children’s division.

I guess it is hard to be sixteen but want to do what those 18 and older get to do.

Wilma called just as I was leaving for work this morning and we were able to chat the entire drive in.  We are both getting excited.  She mentioned that she is learning more history about me than she had previously known.  I had to remind her that while it feels that we have known each other for 40 years, it really is more like 4.

very old friends

Wilma is also afraid I will embarrass her on the challenge since my training has fallen off a  bit while #1 was home.  Clearly she forgets that I will embarrass her no matter the strength and stamina or stage.

embarrassedFine, I’m off to lift some weights and do squats and a few planks.

Love Betty


A good Age to Be


archbishops ceiling

Tonight I went with the gals to the play “The Archbishop’s Ceiling” at our regional theater.  It is a Arthur Miller play and was possibly a little to cerebral for me after a long week at work.  I almost caught myself closing my eyes to just listen for a bit.  Yeah, last time I did that, I slept through the play.  I held it together and enjoyed it possibly more for being with my friends than the actual play content.  Although I thought most of the acting was excellent.

I attended the play with a friend my age and two friends that are or near thirty years my senior.  They are the kind of gals I hope to be in thirty years as they are hilariously funny, have tons of stories and have a great love of God and life.

I have come to realize recently that I am at a great age for which to have friends of all ages.  I have a few in their twenties that I can still relate to on many aspects, some in their thirties that I feel that isn’t that far removed some days, and anyone within ten years give or take is considered to be my age.  The gals on the upper end are equally relate able and so I have to consider myself to be in luck to be on par with being just about anyone’s friend these days. Anyone with a kind soul, a quick laugh and a story to tell that is.

Much can be learned from a variety of friends.



Today Wilma texted me first thing to do multiple sets of all the normal repetitions we had been doing and then to do them a couple more times as in multiple sets.  I thought she was just taking out a reported bad mood on me.

Then today Jane (our trainer) posts:  DO

1 minute Squats
15 (each leg) Lunges
20 jump squats
50 Angry Punches in a squat position
1 minute hi knee jog on spot
50 Mountain Climbers
45 second plank
50 Fitness Test situps (on back, palms on thighs, shoulders off ground, fingertips move to knees)

Rest for 2 minutes then repeat circuit x 3

Sounds to me like the Flinstone family (Jane is Wilma’s step daughter) is in cahoots to make me suffer.

Getting to bed at this late hour, I’m not holding out much hope that I will awake in 5 hours to pull this off.  I’ll give it a go when I get home tomorrow.


Wilma, I did do some sets this morning and tomorrow I will just DO IT.

Love Betty

Saved by the Snow


sally iphone 006


Not only did I not get up at O’Dark Thirty to jog, I missed the alarm as well and only had time to shower, grab coffee and go.

Then today it snowed.  My running partner (I know I am using the word running very loosely) as seen in the photo above  was ready but I was not ready to risk it.  I mean what would happen if I had a debilitating injury due to careless running at this point?  The photo is also to prove the snow for those Aussies that think I may be fibbing to get out of said workouts.

One of the benefits of this adventure is the connecting with folks to let them know what I am up to.  Old friend

Today I connected with an old friend that when I sent her the link to my blog responded, “When exactly was the accident?  The one during which you suffered a traumatic brain injury?”

See, it is the the ones you don’t hear from and when you do are still able to give you a ration of crap like that when you realize time has gone by but they still know you well.

Wilma, I will try to get more into the workout tomorrow.  I did do some random squats, planks and pushups throughout the day and a few weights tonight.  I didn’t even walk at lunch due to the snow coming down pretty hard at that time.  Tomorrow evening I am going to a regional play at the theater so I’ll try hard to get up in time to get some morning workout done.

Love Betty





Barney Saves the Day – and the pocketbook

unexpected causes anger


This morning Bam Bam drove my car and when he parked it in the driveway he forgot to put it into park prior to turning it off.  Normally that is not an issue. You step on the brake, put it in park and then you can take out the keys.  Not today.

flinstone mobile

Today once it was turned off you couldn’t put it into park, couldn’t start it, couldn’t take out the keys.  It could not have been rendered more useless. I checked all that I could think of and then got Barney.

inspecting car

Barney confirmed what we had seen and said to go Google the issue and find out how to remedy.  I do believe this is one of the first times where I couldn’t find someone right away who had experienced the same problem and posted a solution on Youtube.  We kept finding references to solenoids and switches, but no diagrams to find where they were located.

use husbands tools

So Barney took apart the console to see if we could find the issue in the shifter.

sally iphone 001


It was such a technical piece of work that I won’t even get into what all we (Barney with me watching) did to get it working again.

keep calm its the flux capacitor


Which is Techno Babble for we unplugged, moved some things, put them back and it worked and we have no clue what was wrong to begin with.

I just thank my lucky stars that I married a man who can fix most anything and this doesn’t have to come out of my ticket money.

Wilma, I see Jane posted a workout for tomorrow.  I will see about downloading that app for timing the intervals.  I had almost 5 miles on the Fitbit today and no I did not do the Burpees!

Love Betty



Cheering on the Colorado Avalanche

Colorado Avelanche

Trixie has invited me to cheer on the Colorado Avalanche hockey team tonight.  Whoot!  Go Avs!

It reminds me of why I have a sore shoulder and bone bruise on my knee.  I wasn’t playing hockey, but earlier this winter as Barney, Bam Bam and I were out ice skating on a friends pond, Bam Bam decided it would be fun to try to catch his dear mother while skating.  It was more of a “I’ll bet I can run you down” kind of attitude and while I am generally faster and can turn quicker, it came to a point where there was a full body check and I went down in a heap on my knee and shoulder.  I’m pretty sure I cried and screamed something to the effect of “IF YOU WANT TO DO THAT KIND OF CRAP, DO IT TO YOUR FATHER!”

Actual photo of Bam Bam on pond
Actual photo of Bam Bam on pond with Barney

The injuries are not debilitating on any level, but I can still feel pain in my knee if I kneel and the shoulder cannot take certain motions.  I am hoping some specific exercises will help the shoulder heal quicker.

In the meantime, I’ll be happy to watch professionals hit each other on ice and keep to couples skating if I’m to be touching someone while on blades.

I did feel like I got in some of my workout while attending the game.

We walked the steps up to our seats which were near center, but just two rows from the press boxes at the top, so lets just say several flights of steps.

It would have been nice to say we performed pseudo squat jumps as we jumped from our seats for the rapid scoring. But truth is, our chances were few.  We lost 5-2.

I did get some unexpected stretching in while in the restroom.  I happened to choose the last open stall and it wasn’t until I was in that I realized the door did not close.  Sure that I can hold it shut and pee at the same time, I lean against the door while I unbuckle and prepare for some relief.  As I back up to hover, I realize my arm doesn’t seem long enough for the task.  Contemplating buckling back up and getting back in line when I am already so committed does not seem an option. So I stretch with my left arm and lean and nope I am not quite on target.  So I try with the other arm as some people have longer legs on one side, so maybe my right arm is longer for some reason.  I reach and stretch, and lean in a little more and stretch a little harder – I’m thinking, boy can I feel this stretch.  GI Jane is gunna be proud of me! Except I still can’t reach far enough and now I am at near full  bladder capacity .  I realize the absurdity of the situation, but now it is a matter of finding a way to make this work without giving up so I grab my nifty cell phone out of my pocket and it gives me the extra 4.5 inches needed to finally take care of business.

I am here to say that workouts can be done in most any situation.

Wilma,  I got in 2 miles at lunch and the Fitbit shows 4 miles total for the day.  I did the presses, upright rows, the new ones with the weight you said to do and I will do a few planks and squats before bed.

Love Betty,

A Week of Workouts and Writing



It has been officially an entire week of daily workouts and blogging! Who woulda thunk?  So far they are fueling each other and along with your comments and encouragement I feel pretty good about it.

I’ve had folks ask about the workouts and of the blogging and what is entailed in maintaining each.  Here is how it has been for me.

I was told day one by Wilma to do 20 squats, 20 pushups, 20 upright rows, and 20 presses.  She mentioned I should use weights from 1-5 pounds as I felt comfortable to start and if I didn’t have them, the local store was sure to sell them.

Okay, maybe she missed the memo of all extra money will now be going toward the trip to see her.  So, if I’m not buying weights to use whatever will I do?

1, 3 and 4 pound weights abound in the pantry
1, 3 and 4 pound weights abound in the pantry

My pantry is a small room, not a wall as shown above, but just the same, I have plenty of 1 pound weights in the form of soup cans, cans of beans, etc.  The two pound weights are the 32 ounce bottles of lemon and lime concentrate that are unopened in the pantry and the 4 pound weights are the OceanSpray Juices or V8 jugs.  Turns out I have plenty of weights around.

My husband Barney has since gotten out his barbells and taken the weights off for now and just lets me use the bar which is 30 pounds – we think.  I am glad to have it as for some reason I kept getting hungry when I worked out in the pantry!  Go figure.

Last night Wilma said to add another weight exercise where you bend over and reverse your grip and pull upwards with slightly bent knees.  She also mentioned that I could add a jump to the end of each squat.  (that just sounds like crazy talk to me!  I just got to the point that I can do multiple sets of squats per day and still walk down the stairs when I need to)  I might have to pretend I didn’t see that one!  She said to increase reps when I can. so now I do twenty or thirty reps sometimes a couple times a day.  I added planks on my own as I know I need to increase the core strength and I feel pretty secure doing anything where after an interval I can nap on the carpet.

So far we are not all that structured in the how, when and where.  Friday, I was doing pushups off of a low counter in the break room while I was heating something in the microwave.  It seemed like a great use of time until one of the sales guys walked in and wondered what the heck I was doing.

Oh, And we are to walk/run/jog when we can.  I walk for now.

wonder woman

The Blogging has been interesting as well.  I’m sure I didn’t know what I was going to write about every day and truth is, I usually wake up thinking I have an idea to put down for that day and by the time I sit down to the computer in the evening to write the post, it is something altogether different that comes out of me.

Please continue to comment on the pages if you can. You will not see your comments right away as I do have to go in and approve them for posting – thus avoiding someone posting inappropriate things.   Like I won’t have enough inappropriate posts of my own!

If you have time, go back and click on the comments and see what others have said and remember to Like the pages and pass along if your comfortable doing so.

For those who read every day, you are the eggs, butter and sugar in my batter.  For those who read when you can, but catch up as you go, you add the vanilla and flour.  For those who post a comment, you’re the icing on the cake.

I feel your love and support.  Just remember –

I love you more
I love you more

Love Betty


Stone Age Women with a Goal


For now, I am going to refer to my friend and I as Wilma and Betty – two married women sharing their stories and in this case their workouts together.  Based on height alone, my friend in Australia would be Wilma and I would be Betty.

For those of you who know us, our names are already in your hearts.  For those who stumble upon the blog, it doesn’t really matter if we are Wilma and Betty or Ginger and Mary Ann.  If you want to refer to us as a trait, we are “the look” and “the laugh”.  She has no filter on her facial reactions and my laugh is equally uncontrollable.  If you know someone that you can tell exactly what she is thinking by her facial expression, multiply that by 10 and you have Wilma.  Her “are you kidding me?” or “what the heck” looks can make people crumble but if you’ve ever gotten the “you’ve made my day” look then you’ve seen the abundance of the good side as well.

Being so very new to this whole experience it is a bit like visiting a nude beach because it is the only spot you can see a specific portion of a dramatic coastline.  Do you risk standing out because you want to keep your clothes on, or risk actually having strangers see more of you than you ever thought?

My workouts so far have been: squats, pushups, upright rows, shoulder press and some interval walk/run.  We have had snow all week, so I’m keeping my mileage in walk time only.  Don’t need to break a hip.

I do have some kind of rotator cuff pain in my shoulder, so if you know of exercises that would help or some that I need to stay away from as it would aggravate it, then please let me know.

So while I am chilling out in snow and freezing temps ( minus 3 when I left for work one day this week), Wilma texted that they had the hottest day in 11 yrs for March 1 in Sydney with 98 degrees.


You cannot plough a field by 
turning it over in your mind.

Author Unknown

I wanted to end the post with a little inspiration and the one above is exactly what I need to remind myself of as I can lay in a warm bed and think through an entire workout just hoping that the mental workout I am doing will suffice the bodily one that is tempting to skip.

Off to do squats.