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Athletic Trainer or Trained Assassin?


Yesterday Jane posted our workout:

“Workout 1: High intensity interval training – it’s Tabata Time! After monitoring the Japanese speed skating team in the early 90’s, Dr Izumi Tabata noted that VERY hard but intermittent exercise appeared to be as effective as standard intensity, longer workouts requiring several hours a week. The Tabata protocol involves 20 seconds of high intensity work followed by 10 seconds rest. These are traditionally performed for 8 rounds on one exercise equalling four minutes in total, or two mins 40 seconds of HARD WORK! You’ll be doing Tabatas on 6 exercises, with each exercise being completed for the eight rounds. Do one exercise eight times, with eight rest periods, then give yourself a 2 minute break, and onto the next exercise on your list. Time for some training…you will need to download the Tabata Pro app on your phone, or use a timer that can handle two different interval lengths. Do a 5 min warm up-I min each star jumps, squats, shadow boxing, hi knee jogging and arm circles, forward and backward. Your exercises are: lunges; plank; mountain climbers; squats fast hi knee jogging on the spot; push-ups/tri-dips (alternate these for the 8 rounds and Betty, you can do angry uppercut punches instead of the tricep dips). It’s 20 seconds as hard as you can, then 10 seconds rest, 8 rounds per exercise except for the alternating pushups.”

athletic trainer voice

So last night I downloaded the free Tabata fitness app because 1: I want to see what it is all about before putting any money out that can go toward my ticket and 2: Do I really need the music portion? Pretty sure my heart will be pounding so loudly through my ears that I wouldn’t hear anything anyway.

This morning I awoke and did Jane’s workout.  Here is how it went for me:

As instructed, I started with the lunges.  I’m fresh and rested and a bit excited so not too bad.  I might have grabbed the chair nearby to steady myself a bit toward the end.

Planks: The first two or three 20 second planks are not bad, but I’m fairly certain that the timer had a flaw after that and was taking more like 40 seconds to time the recommended twenty and the rests were a mere 2-3 seconds.  There is a distinct possibility that I started compensating for the discrepancy by splitting the time a little more evenly between the intense workout portion and the resting portion.

The Mountain Climbers had me feeling like there was about 900 pounds of weight on my hands by the end.

I started the squats with real gusto.  Since I have been doing squats every day, I’m thinking I have this one – no problem.  Only thing – I did my usual number of squats in the first set and then there were another 7 sets to do!  Suffice it to say that each set might not have had as many reps in it.  That’s gunna hurt again tomorrow.

High Leg Jog?  Can you say hip replacement?  Going to have to work my way into that one better as it was more of a high stepping march toward the middle and end.

Push-ups and Angry Uppercuts for the final sets…. Nice to alternate.  And Jane, I was doing some visualization on where I might land those angry upper cuts.  Wanna guess who I was punching at in my mind?

training session



Wilma,  There are two possibilities as I see it for Jane’s motives of this workout.  Either she really is striving to get our sad butts in shape or she is trying to kill you off and I am just collateral damage.  Have some tea and feel better.

Love Betty



Rejection Letters


request denied

In the past two days I received request denied letters from both Qantas Air and New Zealand Air.  The letter from Qantas had me feeling sad because it was clear in the reply that no thought at all was given to the request for sponsorship.

It basically said that they are an iconic organization that supports many large and small causes. Then it was a basic form letter that after it told me how great they were, consoled me for my loss and said there were compassionate fares for domestic travel.  Seriously?  I might have said we were not youngsters working to attain the goal to do the RAW Challenge together, but I’m sure I did not imply one of us would keel over from the task!

rejection letter


Last night I then received the New Zealand Air rejection Letter.  In contrast it began:  “Thank you for contacting at Air New Zealand regarding possible assistance with flights to enable you to take part in the 2015 Raw Challenge. My name is Shelley Crawford and I assess all philanthropic and sponsorship requests
received by Air New Zealand.”

She went on to name some of the non-profits and organizations that they sponsor and that after consideration would not be able to assist me. She apologized and hoped that I understood their position and wished me luck.

I replied to Shelley and let her know that it is a good job when you tell someone no and still leave them with a positive feeling and thanked her for the consideration.

The difference between the two was like having a date with a guy who let you pay and afterward didn’t remember your name and having a date with a guy who you both shared some stories but in the end he admitted he was committed to someone else but left you feeling that perhaps another time in life it could work out.

rejection just a step


I am far from defeated and hope to finalize some dates and plans and go ahead and purchase a ticket soon.

Yesterday, I was admittedly a bit down and Wilma commented, “Always a great post, no matter the topic. I think that you should keep up the workouts because it’s good for you, and you will appreciate the changes you make in yourself. Keep the dream alive! But even better – I have a thought for you – there’s another Raw Challenge in November, which might be more doable for you. So keep pushing for May, and if you need to adjust, I promise to do the November challenge with you (maybe). Sending you a Hug and a Pint”

Wilma, I love you that you would go so far as to commit to this lunacy of the obstacle challenge twice, but I don’t want to put it off.  First of all, it would give me time to put off training whereas right now, I know there is no time to put anything off.  And am I to write a daily blog until November?  Good grief I don’t think anyone wants to hear that much of the stories.  No, let us continue for the May challenge.

Today I got in my 2 miles while having a wonderful conversation with a friend. I did the weight bar exercises, planks and finally tried the squats with the jumps added on.  Good times.  Thank you for the phone call tonight.  It was good to hear your voice and thoughts of the trip.

Love Betty

Missed Opportunities

Missed Opportunties

This morning, the Full Moon was setting over the mountains that were just getting the first rays of morning sun illuminate their tops.  It was amazing.  I had a beautiful view just as I was ready to pull out from our neighborhood onto the highway but there were power lines on the other side that I didn’t want in the photo and if I drove into that neighborhood to take the photo I might get stuck waiting for traffic as I would have to turn left across the oncoming traffic.

I decided to venture further as I felt that I would find a better spot somewhere along the route into the office.  I kept looking around the next turn to see if it would again show it’s glory that I could capture on camera.  It never happened.  Had I been able to share, it would have looked somewhat like:

Image result for morning moon setting in mountains

It was a simple reminder that we don’t always get second opportunities and it may take effort, but to not make the effort could result in missing the chance.

Don't get same moment twice


So today I took a chance to see if I could possibly get one of the airlines to possibly provide me and airline ticket.  I found you can apply for ‘sponsorship’ from an airline.  I sent my proposal to Qantas and New Zealand Air.  The worst that can happen is that they say no and I still have to purchase a ticket somehow.

I’ve already said I would work out every day. I have.  I felt I should start a blog.  Did that and blogging. I need a ticket to get to the race:  It will happen.

astound ourselves

I will not miss this opportunity unless I am stopped by something bigger than my desire.


Wilma,  Had to run errands at lunch.  I did walk the dogs when I got home, did planks, squats, upright rows and presses and push ups.

Love Betty

58 days to Raw Challenge


58 Days to the obstacle race!  Holy Cow!

It’s not that I don’t do anything active, but 58 days to get ready?  Every time I look at the race website: https://www.rawchallenge.com.au/events/sydney-may-2015 I get both excited and scared shitless.  I’m beginning to have very little doubt that I will make it over there.  The how is still unknown but faith is a powerful force and I truly have faith that it will somehow happen.

believe obstacle

I have not had even one person question if I can do it and in fact the outpouring of emotional support is amazing.

I have always known how blessed I am to grow up in the family I share DNA with and also how lucky I am to have the family that holds me in their hearts as family even tho we don’t share the same ancestors directly.

I Thank you All.  Keep the support coming as I increase the reps, exercises and decrease the time to fit it all in.  I will need the cheers to coax me on.

Keep sharing this site if you are enjoying it.  Brainstorm for ways to get me to Sydney and dream of something outrageous for yourself.

what if why not

Wilma, I got in the 30 minute power walk at lunch, did the squats, couple of planks, pushups, upright rows and the overhead things. I also practiced having a beer since it is also part of the race. (at least that is what I believe they mean when they refer to the “hard earned beverage” after the race)

Love Betty,