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Saved by the Snow


sally iphone 006


Not only did I not get up at O’Dark Thirty to jog, I missed the alarm as well and only had time to shower, grab coffee and go.

Then today it snowed.  My running partner (I know I am using the word running very loosely) as seen in the photo above  was ready but I was not ready to risk it.  I mean what would happen if I had a debilitating injury due to careless running at this point?  The photo is also to prove the snow for those Aussies that think I may be fibbing to get out of said workouts.

One of the benefits of this adventure is the connecting with folks to let them know what I am up to.  Old friend

Today I connected with an old friend that when I sent her the link to my blog responded, “When exactly was the accident?  The one during which you suffered a traumatic brain injury?”

See, it is the the ones you don’t hear from and when you do are still able to give you a ration of crap like that when you realize time has gone by but they still know you well.

Wilma, I will try to get more into the workout tomorrow.  I did do some random squats, planks and pushups throughout the day and a few weights tonight.  I didn’t even walk at lunch due to the snow coming down pretty hard at that time.  Tomorrow evening I am going to a regional play at the theater so I’ll try hard to get up in time to get some morning workout done.

Love Betty