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A Night of Viewing

Last night was incredible.

Framily sharing life together

We have dinner most Sunday nights with our friends. We alternate houses every week and this was their week.

We had spoken about the need to incorporate the Full Blood Moon, the eclipse, the Bronco game and the show we are watching together.

I said we could have it at our house if the moon wasn’t going to be viewable at the time of the eclipse. ¬†Depending on what side of which hill you are on in the mountains make a huge difference and I couldn’t remember where the moon would come up in relation to their house and deck. ¬†I was assured we would be fine at their abode.

We viewed part of the Bronco game while eating and started the viewing of the moon as it was rising.

They had set up their telescope and the eclipse began

#2 son was the only one that was successful in getting photos on his phone through the telescope.

The moon was amazing.

We watched our show.

The moon turned red.

The Broncos won!

We left to go home and I received a text from #1 son who had his own viewing.

We didn’t see anything when we got home, but I was shown where the footprints were today.

Quite the night.

Love Sally