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Busy Weekend


This was one of those really rewarding busy weekends that left me almost guilt free of not blogging.

Friday was spent with friends, good food and much laughter.  The kind that is so hard that your stomach muscles get a workout.

laughing off calories

Saturday had several hours of prep work with Bam Bam at the church for the Easter brunch the youth were putting on as a fundraiser for their summer mission trip.

Then Saturday evening was another night with some friends we don’t get to see nearly enough as everyone’s schedules with this group seems impossible to coordinate at times.  More great food and more wonderful laughter.  We need to remind ourselves of what Calvin & Hobbes say:

calvin & hobbes

Sunday started with the feeding of the masses.  Church had three services packed with the regulars and the visitors to which we fed all who wished for a meal for a freewill offering.

ELC Easter Breakfast

It was a long day for those in the kitchen from 7 until almost 2 but it was worth it to see all those folks come through.  The rest of the day was spent with family enjoying our beautiful day.

I did squeeze in a hike and with the hike and all the running around in the kitchen over 6 miles were logged on the fitbit.

Overall, I will not admit to a weekend infused with tons of workout repetitions of any kind. As such, I awoke fairly well rested and with a certain amount of guilt from not really working up much of any kind of sweat all weekend.

With rest and guilt on my side, I set off this morning with only the light of a full moon (ok, almost full) to see how far and how long I could jog.

how I look jogging

I would not say I am proud of the results.  I made it around our circle once and had it still been level I would have kept on going but as I reached the portion that is uphill I decided that it might be prudent to walk the uphill the second time around.  I did resume the jogging once at the top of the hill and made it around once again until reaching the uphill again.  Three laps total and I was done.  Our circle is about a half a mile.

I will effort to try again tomorrow.  I did walk over to the park and playground at lunch today and swung on the monkey bars until my elbows felt dis-jointed. (don’t be impressed, it doesn’t take many for my elbows to want to scream)  I also took a walk in the park behind us with the puppy.  All in all, just 4 miles total today on fitbit.  Not too bad for a Monday.

Love, Betty





Remembered in a mug


sally iphone 010

I went to grab a mug for my coffee on the deck this weekend and there in the front was a mug we had purchased in Barcelona twenty five years ago on our honeymoon. Wow, we must have used lots of mugs this week as that one is usually in the very back of the cupboard and doesn’t often make it to the front.

Our cupboard is not full of expensive fine china.  Instead as I looked at the mugs, I realized it is full of memories.

There is the Barcelona Mug from our honeymoon in Europe.  The only coffee style that we purchased.  All other drinking vessels were of the stein category.

sally iphone 011

Then there are the Super Bowl mugs from the Bronco’s wins in 1997 and 1998 .

sally iphone 014

I have a lovely mug that was given to me by Bam Bam one Mother’s day with a plant in it.

sally iphone 012

And there are the Coca Cola mugs that we found at a small Firehouse Museum in four different designs.  I don’t recall why they were selling them, but it was a fun find.  We purchased four and our friends we were camping with that weekend in the mountains nearby purchased a few others.  They are nice big mugs and a nice reminder of a fun time.

sally iphone 013

Being selective of the one that goes out on the deck where it could possibly be knocked over by a curios puppy when I’m not looking and broken, I choose an old mug that we didn’t even purchase.

sally iphone 004

I pick it up and think of Louis Canfield.  It is his mug really.  He was a patron at the restaurant that I worked at when I first moved out here.  Very nice man who liked to sit at the bar, but did not drink.  An avid fisherman and woodworker.  One of us at the restaurant purchased the fishing mug for him so that he would have his own mug on his nearly daily visits.  He made me a oak set of two end tables and a coffee table.  He gifted them to me as he did many things to all of us. I still have one or two of the pieces.

When the establishment shut it’s doors, I ended up with the mug so that if we ever saw Louis again, we could give it back.  That was 1990 and I have never seen him again.

It amazes me that I can remember his name each time I use the cup as my memory is sketchy at best.  It is proof positive that kindness is a lasting memory.

It make me wonder if there are any items out there that remind someone of me long after our acquaintance was lost.  It is a good goal I think to try to be remembered fondly.kindness

Wilma, I lost my workout room when #1 son came home.  I did pushups and triceps dips and walked 3.7 miles total today.  Dang kids were on the playground, so I didn’t get the monkey bars in and I only got one set of the triceps dips in as there was a couple on one of the benches I use along the pathway.  One of these days I going to use the monkey bars with the kids there to get their reaction and ask the couple on the bench to shimmy over and give me a little room to do my workout and see what they say as well.  That might make for great blogging.  Heading down to hang from the chin up bar a couple times.

Love Betty

Adjusting as I go



The Ohio State University men’s basketball team won their first round March Madness tournament game last night in overtime.  I love sports because it is the arena where you can see how hard people try and put themselves out there to succeed or fail sometimes while much of the world is watching.  Go Buckeyes!

After they won, I felt that even though I was incredibly tired, I should try the pyramid workout that Jane had recommended as celebration of sorts to the win.  The scheme is that you do 15 each of Burpees, Pushups and jump squats. Then you do 14 of each, then 13, and so on down to 1.  Wilma must have put her up to it as she had been trying to get me to do the jump squats and burpees for a while now.

You can google what a burpee is, but you basically go from a standing position
and squat until your hands reach the ground and then place the weight on your hands and extend your feet until you are in a plank position.  It all sounds fine and achievable until I realize I must have T-Rex arms as I have to practically face plant myself to get my hands to the floor to start the exercise.

t rex hates burpees


I keep trying though as maybe I just need to create some muscle memory in order to figure out how to start these better. It isn’t pretty, but I manage to do 15.  Somewhere around number 12 or so, something happens with my right knee as I am extending it.  I complete the round and do the 15 pushups and 15 jump squats and start the burpees again.  This time, my knee starts to feel badly earlier on and I feel myself compensating by changing how I hold the rest of my body position and it is not good on my shoulder.  I know then that these will ultimately make things worse if I continue.

I did not do any more or finish the reverse pyramid workout last night.  Sorry Jane, it wasn’t meant to be for me just yet.

This morning I awoke and tried a few and it still did not feel good.

stubborn on goals

I decided to go back to the weights for now and did the upright rows, presses, curls and a few others.  I also did four sets of planks.

I walked about 2.5 miles at lunch and while walking, did an inverted pyramid of reps with a squeeze ball to strengthen my grip.  I started at 20 with each hand and decreased each rep by one until completed down to 1.  I was surprised just how long that took (nearly half of my walk). I  was also able to take a path that I like but was previously too muddy from snows to slog through.

sally iphone 034sally iphone 035








I ended up at the park where the monkey bars await another test.  I take off my sweatshirt, sunglasses, remove my phone and anything else that might restrict or weigh me down more than I already naturally am as I am determined to make it past the 5th rung which was my previous farthest rung.  My palms sweaty from the walk, I slip off on just the second bar.  Not what I had envisioned.

I take some time to thoroughly dry my hands and try again. I go one hand on alternating rungs for the first 6 and then try the hand, hand, rung, hand, hand method and make it another 3 for a total of 9 rungs today!  Getting better!

sally iphone 036

Wilma,  I know you will be disappointed that I am not doing the bupees right now, but as my flexibility and strength continue to get better I will keep trying them.  For now though, I will defer to other ways to get some reps.

Love Betty

RAW Challenge 2015 obstacles in review

Carve the Curve
Apex Rope climb
Apex Rope Climb






March 11, 2015

In the Climbing category:  The Apex Rope Climb and the Carve the Curve

I’ll group these two together as they are both up and over a wall and the reality is that I either make it or I get almost to the top and the feet go out from underneath me, there is a thwack of my body slamming the wall and the slow slink of my descend to the bottom where inevitably I laugh so hard at my crazy try that I ……. Oh never mind.

In the Balance category are the Lily Pads

Lily Pads
Lily Pads

Lets see, big rubber runways over a mud moat. If I don’t slip, trip and can stay in the middle, I can do this one.

And in the Hanging category are the: Monkey Bars

Monkey Bars
Monkey Bars

As it so happens, part way through my walk at lunch today I stopped by the playground at the local park and tried the monkey bars.  I seem to have lost nearly all of my grip over the years.  I made it to about the third bar today.  I have a feeling I could be slogging through the mud on this one.  Time to regain some grip strength.

Wilma,  I’m exhausted today from being out late last night for the game and another trying day of work.  I did walk a little over 2 miles at lunch again today, tried the monkey bars, and I plan on doing my squats, planks and weight exercises, but can’t guarantee I won’t fall asleep when I get on the floor for the planks.

Love Betty