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Oh! Christmas Tree

Oh! Christmas Tree

It has been such a busy holiday season that we kept putting off the Christmas tree selection. We would have a free day and then it would snow and no one wanted to traipse through heavy snow and carry a tree up or down a hill. You see, we select a tree from the forested area around us or a friend’s land nearby. It helps thin stands of trees for a healthier forest and saves on the pocketbook as well.

The boys were both home one day recently and Ted had approved a tree to cut and bring in.  The tree was large and beautiful. Problem was, it was just a little too large once it was placed in the stand and in position. So what does one do when the tree is too tall?
You cut the bottom of the tree off to the desire height of course.

topless christmas tree
Unless, your our son and just tip the tree over and lop off the top few feet. “Bam! It fits now” is what I imagine him saying to himself.

I get home and see the tree, and exclaim “where’s the top?”
Ted gets home just a bit later and a bit perplexed, asks the same thing.
We were both trying to be thankful that the tree had been cut down and brought in as we had requested  all the while questioning who’s genetic makeup had spawned the brilliant master who cuts extra from the top and not the bottom.

Ted retrieves the cutoff portion from the snow it was tossed aside into to take a look at it.

top of the tree
It is not so very spindly as we had been led to believe it was. At least that was the justification of removing the top earlier.

So how do you fix a mistake like that? Well, if your married to my husband, you wait an hour or two and voila! The top is miraculously back in place. Turns out a pvc pipe makes a fine connecting fitting material for more than your plumbing.

In the end, we have a beautifully decorated tree loaded with ornaments gathered over the years or passed down from our families. It is a tree that holds bulbs, (made, purchased or sometimes found) ornaments, lessons and a story we will not soon forget.

Beautiful Christmas Tree
A gift really all unto itself really.

Merry Christmas everyone. Remember that Love is the real gift to give today as has been gifted to us.

Love you all,