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Nashville Hikes

I’ve arrived in Nashville and have been welcomed like family.  I’ve been on two awesome hikes over the past two days.  The woods and the trails are just gorgeous.

We saw a butterfly that was missing a small section of its wing and we stopped to photograph it.  It then proceeded to lead us on our walk for several  minutes.  It would fly ahead for fifteen or twenty feet and then land and wait and when we would catch up, it would again take flight and stop for us once more.

So many times it kept this routine that we felt we had a third hiker with us for a time. More magic was in store for us…we saw two owls! We even were able to observe them hunting. It was awesome.

You have to look harder for the next one.

We’ve driven around this cozy feeling city several times and through some truly gorgeous neighborhoods, never taking the same way twice so that I can see as much as possible.

I have visited the Parthenon – the life size replica of the original and it is beautiful as well.

While at the Parthenon, we stopped to watch some guys play a version of soccer where they were these inflatable bubbles around themselves.  Pretty hilarious.

And just to keep my luck going on my vacations, I looked down at the clover patch in front of me and there was my lucky leaf from Nashville.

We have talked almost nonstop and will be in on a small road trip today to Chattenooga to visit some of the Sun Dance folks down there and spend the night so I don’t see that trend changing any time soon.

More in a day or so.

Love Sally

The Knife and Two Feathers story gets an edit.

Let me preface this portion by saying that I hadn’t spoken to Beth prior to me sending my story over for an edit.  I had just asked that she clean it up and make it more presentable.  I hadn’t told her about Sun Dance that year yet nor about Jasmine but she clearly understood what my heart had wanted my words to say better.  Here is her edit:

There is a girl named Jasmine. She is a traveler – an explorer – a hiker – a photographer. Her paths have led her to amazing people from all walks of life, and wondrous places of natural beauty. She is gifted in capturing the scenery that surrounds her in photos, but her true magic travels far beyond the footprints she leaves on the trail or the visions she captures through her lens.

Like many people, when given enough time in nature, she reflects. She will pause as a friend, family member or acquaintance suddenly flashes into her conscience. Not always will she even realize that she has used her energy coupled with that of the serenity surrounding her to awaken this special gift. But as she focuses on these people in her life, she passes her own peace to that of her recipient – tuning their energy rhythm to her own, and creating harmony for them from afar. She may not know that the person had a bad day, or a diagnosis, or was struggling silently within. And she will not witness how her reflection blew a calm breath over a friend in need, brought a needed tear to a sister, or a laugh to an acquaintance. All they will ever know is that a renewed peace has settled over them in just the moment they needed it.

One day, on a hike with friends, Jasmine borrowed a knife from another person in her party to obtain some hardened sap from a tree. She recalled suddenly a new friend, Sally, whom she had recently met at a Native American Sundance ritual. She had similarly borrowed Sally’s knife to collect amber from the many coniferous trees surrounding the Sundance grounds. As she continued gathering her current specimens she suddenly noticed two feathers floating near her. So engaged in her collecting and the thoughts of her new friend, she felt quite unsure whether the feathers had gotten caught up on the breeze from the forest floor, or if they had drifted down from the sky in just that moment. For reasons she could not convey, she took a photo of the knife with the two feathers and sent it off to Sally.

What Jasmine could not have known, was Sally’s experience just one year prior. Sally was participating as a supporter in her first Sundance, and as she was walking along one day, two small feathers fluttered out of the sky to land at her feet. Though she could not recall seeing any birds, she gazed upward briefly before bending to pick up the feathers. Given the events of the Festival, she wondered if they would hold special meaning for her one day – but like so many signs in life, it would take time before the feathers revealed their secret.

Thus the realization when she viewed the photo her friend had sent. The young bird who had shed two small feathers for one special person to find, matured to leave two larger ones for the second to happen upon. Linking those friends forever in a shared experience, solidifying the bond they had established, and to remind them of time together well spent.


So now you have both versions of that story and while I thought I might have time to tag on the epilogue, the day is done and my driver and I need to leave for the airport around 3:00 am!  Wish me good flight and hopefully I have time to write in TN.

If not, guest blogs are always welcome.

Thank you Beth for the beautiful version.

Love Sally

The Knife and Two Feathers Story



A few days after Jasmine sent me the photo of a knife and two feathers with no explanation,  I sent off the following email:

You might have a simple explanation of how you came to take a photo of the knife and 2 feathers, but let me tell you the true story:

There is a girl named Jasmine who travels to many places visiting and meeting people from all walks of life and walking and hiking to incredible wondrous places. She is able to capture the magic of the scenery with her camera but that is not where the magic stops.

While out on these hikes, she sometimes takes a moment in pause and someone – a friend, or acquaintance, or a family member will flash into her conscience. Not always will she even realize that she is using her energy and that of the serenity around her to help dial in or tune the other person’s energy rhythm into a more harmonious level for them. She doesn’t know that the person she had thought of had a bad day or diagnosis or was struggling in another way and that her moment in reflection brought a calm moment, a needed tear or laugh or just a renewed peacefulness that they had needed.

That other person also can’t quite ascertain why it seemingly came upon them at that moment, but it did.

It was on one of these seemingly simple fun hikes with friends that Jasmine had borrowed a knife from another person in the hiking party to obtain some hardened sap from a tree.

It made her think of a new friend (Sally) that she had made when supporting an old friend at a Native American Sun Dance ritual. She had borrowed Sally’s knife while collecting resin from the many coniferous trees around the Sun Dance grounds while at the event.

It was as she was gathering her current collection of resin that she came across two feathers. They happened near her in such a way that all at once she was unsure if they had always been where she was just now looking and got caught up in a breeze, or if they had drifted down to her just now.

For reasons that she could not convey, she took a photo of the knife with the two feathers and sent if off to Sally.

Little did Jasmine know, but just a year prior, after Sally had participated as a supporter in her first Sun Dance, as she was walking along one day, two small feathers fluttered out of the sky to land right in front of her.

She could not recall seeing any birds but picked up the feathers and brought them inside thinking they could somehow be meaningful with all the recent events of the Sun Dance and such.

Like so many signs in life she was unsure of what it meant or when it would relate or link to something else.

It wasn’t until a year later that Jasmine sends the photo of the knife and feathers that Sally realizes that it just may be the same bird that visited her last year and has grown and matured and has sent now two larger feathers to Jasmine to ponder.

And it is just another link in their shared experience together to help bind and solidify the connection they established and to remind them of time well spent together.
That’s my version anyway.

And that was the beginning of the writing that I am now becoming more accustom to.  That is my email unedited.  I was fearful of how it would be read by others so I had my good friend Beth clean it up for me.  You know her of the kookaburra guest blogs.  You’ll get to read her version tomorrow along with an epilogue.

Love Sally