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Happy New Year

2017 is in the books and once again I failed to encapsulate the year in a Christmas card to mail out to our loved ones.

It’s been a year of visits, visitors, prodding and probing of all sorts.

For the most part, we have become empty nesters this year.   I might have wondered if that would leave us at a crossroads in our marriage had I had time to ponder the events, but it has been gentle and a positive event. One that has allowed us to get back to what we enjoy doing together -just the two of us.

We had more visitors for longer stays than any of our previous years and that too was a great thing. Many folks came that I had met and connected to so well on my earlier solo travels and soon became family to Ted as well.   Such good times for all of us as all of our company allowed us to feel like we were all just hanging out together and not entertaining royalty. (not that they are not of royal lineage)

Galen moved from living with his best friend to living with two of his best buddies.  He still works with Ted in the business and is doing quite well.

He reconnected with and is dating the first girl he ever invited over to our house as a friend in kindergarten.  Very sweet.

He has also gotten a puppy – and luck would have it that the girlfriend is a vet tech.

Devin is also dating a very sweet girl.  She is a vegan, so it has been a change for me to omit the ever present, butter, milk, eggs and meat from everything.  I can now make vegan pies and banana bread that you cannot tell a difference.  Luckily, she likes anything I do whip up for her of the vegan variety while throwing meat on for everyone else.  I have found the best way to get anyone to visit is to tell them I’m making dinner for all.

We managed two concerts at Red Rocks this summer.  If you’ve never been, you need to come out and see a concert there.  It had been several years since I had been and I forgot just how perfect that setting is for a great concert. The pic is of Ted and I with Devin and his gal.

Ted has caught a little of the travel bug that is fully entrenched into my psyche and I managed to get him off on a few week trips in Colorado and a more distant trip to Seattle for a visit with dear friends.  We had a grand time and he has now even submitted to have his passport renewed!

We’ve had some awesome gatherings, some great road trips, and are looking forward to more of the same for 2018.

Please schedule a visit with us if you have time this year and if you can’t, maybe we will head your way this year.

I’ll relay some of the other stories later.  Ted has proclaimed he is to take up working on his sound room again, so that should provide more alone time for me to actually jot down a few stories now and then.

Wishing you all an amazing 2018 with fun, love and great adventures.


I know a couple of the pictures are sideways, but I’m not able to determine why and if I don’t post this now, it may be 2019 before I get it posted.




Happy New Year

Welcome 2016! Happy New Year everyone.

happy new year

Last year I had written about the end of the year to a friend and had lamented on 2014 ending and what great energy it had and I seriously did not want it to end. I was sad as the year rolled over as I felt destined to take steps back and couldn’t see what could be around the next corner.

Who would have thought that 2015 would be exponentially better? I certainly didn’t and can now testify the power of being open to new experiences and having it backed with the belief that those around you believe you can do something even before you do.

start each day with the thought of something wonderfulThis year, I count a million blessings that this year has provided for me. I traveled, wrote, played, shared, connected with old friends and enjoyed the current ones and deepened the newer ones. My family supported all of my adventures. Then I fell into the mode for just a bit again of thinking that it was perhaps a year that couldn’t be topped. I was again stuck on looking in the end of year review mirror until a dear friend assured me what I already feel – that 2016 will be even more remarkable.

So let me remind you that it is a new slate and so many amazing things are going to happen for all of us that take the good out of every day and leave the bad behind.

one ought every dayI won’t say bad things won’t happen, that my heart won’t weep or that there will not be ugly moments – after all, there have been those in this amazing year as well.  I’m just saying that we often get what we expect, so expect the best year yet!