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Thinking of someone to find out they have been thinking of you


Today I called an old friend from back home that I have been thinking of this week.  As happens many times with us, she was also thinking of me this week.  It was good that I called.

I guess I haven’t spoken to her in longer than I had thought as there was much to catch up on.

I didn’t meet her until I was in high school.  She was a city girl who had been living with her Dad and siblings in the city but got a little too ornery and was banished to live in the country with her Mom who had married our widowed neighbor.  Neighbor on our street was about a 1/4 mile away.

She joined the country crew of her new family that had two boys and a girl, but she was older than the others – and wilder – so she wasn’t much for hanging out with her new found family.  Instead she opted to come to the farm quite often and hang with me mostly. (we can all admit to a crush she had on my brother though)

The thing about hanging out on the farm is that if there is something that needed to be done and you were there, you were expected to help out.

She was a trooper and a little intimidated by my Dad so she would attempt anything we asked of her. Problem was, she didn’t have the vocabulary of farm knowledge to know what we were talking about sometimes.

I remember telling her to go up in the haymow and throw down 4 slices of hay for the calves.  After a few minutes of seeing no hay coming down, I climbed the ladder to see her standing in front of a bale of hay just looking at it.  I’m sure I asked what she was waiting on to which she replied “I don’t know how to slice hay!”   Of course in instances such as that, she received only laughter in response to her lack of knowledge.  It still makes me giggle just thinking of it.


At any age, we didn’t attract alot of friends who wanted to spend time at the farm – that ‘you have to work if your here’ thing kinda puts a damper on people coming over too much.  She definitely spent the most time at the farm with our family of anyone I can remember.

As we were catching up on my drive home, the conversation came around to my current adventure.  I let her know there was a blog involved and said when I got home I would send a link.  I told her that my Raw Challenge friend and I were Wilma and Betty and she was somewhere between surprised and not.  Turns out as  she informed me that she and her sister are Wilma and Betty in their alter egos. She is also the Betty character.

I sent the link and the site views started clicking away showing that she was indeed going through the pages.  I messaged her that it wasn’t recommended to read all the posts in one sitting as it hasn’t been tested and could cause mental damage!  Read on she did anyway.  She loved the one about the Robin’s Return and Mom as she had heard that one while her time at the farm.

The actual messages were:

“I love it! All of them. I like the memories of your mom…and when you reflect on your past and bring that into your present.
 It’s really good.
 It makes me miss you..”
What a great statement to hear.  It affirms that my personal tone is actually coming through and still recognizable to someone from my youth.
I haven't changed

KB, It was great to catch up with you and  since you have read the blogs, you know that I write about what is on my mind at the time of the post and tonight you’re it.  Lets plan on you coming out this summer.

Wilma, keep sending me what I need to pack.  My co-worker checked the weather and it looks like rain is in the  forecast for a while still.  No problem.  What is a mud challenge without the mud?

To my guest Bloggers who have already sent in your submissions, I will definitely post them sometime soon in between some of my own.  Thank you and keep them coming if you feel obliged.

Love Betty




Athletic Trainer or Trained Assassin?


Yesterday Jane posted our workout:

“Workout 1: High intensity interval training – it’s Tabata Time! After monitoring the Japanese speed skating team in the early 90’s, Dr Izumi Tabata noted that VERY hard but intermittent exercise appeared to be as effective as standard intensity, longer workouts requiring several hours a week. The Tabata protocol involves 20 seconds of high intensity work followed by 10 seconds rest. These are traditionally performed for 8 rounds on one exercise equalling four minutes in total, or two mins 40 seconds of HARD WORK! You’ll be doing Tabatas on 6 exercises, with each exercise being completed for the eight rounds. Do one exercise eight times, with eight rest periods, then give yourself a 2 minute break, and onto the next exercise on your list. Time for some training…you will need to download the Tabata Pro app on your phone, or use a timer that can handle two different interval lengths. Do a 5 min warm up-I min each star jumps, squats, shadow boxing, hi knee jogging and arm circles, forward and backward. Your exercises are: lunges; plank; mountain climbers; squats fast hi knee jogging on the spot; push-ups/tri-dips (alternate these for the 8 rounds and Betty, you can do angry uppercut punches instead of the tricep dips). It’s 20 seconds as hard as you can, then 10 seconds rest, 8 rounds per exercise except for the alternating pushups.”

athletic trainer voice

So last night I downloaded the free Tabata fitness app because 1: I want to see what it is all about before putting any money out that can go toward my ticket and 2: Do I really need the music portion? Pretty sure my heart will be pounding so loudly through my ears that I wouldn’t hear anything anyway.

This morning I awoke and did Jane’s workout.  Here is how it went for me:

As instructed, I started with the lunges.  I’m fresh and rested and a bit excited so not too bad.  I might have grabbed the chair nearby to steady myself a bit toward the end.

Planks: The first two or three 20 second planks are not bad, but I’m fairly certain that the timer had a flaw after that and was taking more like 40 seconds to time the recommended twenty and the rests were a mere 2-3 seconds.  There is a distinct possibility that I started compensating for the discrepancy by splitting the time a little more evenly between the intense workout portion and the resting portion.

The Mountain Climbers had me feeling like there was about 900 pounds of weight on my hands by the end.

I started the squats with real gusto.  Since I have been doing squats every day, I’m thinking I have this one – no problem.  Only thing – I did my usual number of squats in the first set and then there were another 7 sets to do!  Suffice it to say that each set might not have had as many reps in it.  That’s gunna hurt again tomorrow.

High Leg Jog?  Can you say hip replacement?  Going to have to work my way into that one better as it was more of a high stepping march toward the middle and end.

Push-ups and Angry Uppercuts for the final sets…. Nice to alternate.  And Jane, I was doing some visualization on where I might land those angry upper cuts.  Wanna guess who I was punching at in my mind?

training session



Wilma,  There are two possibilities as I see it for Jane’s motives of this workout.  Either she really is striving to get our sad butts in shape or she is trying to kill you off and I am just collateral damage.  Have some tea and feel better.

Love Betty



Barney Saves the Day – and the pocketbook

unexpected causes anger


This morning Bam Bam drove my car and when he parked it in the driveway he forgot to put it into park prior to turning it off.  Normally that is not an issue. You step on the brake, put it in park and then you can take out the keys.  Not today.

flinstone mobile

Today once it was turned off you couldn’t put it into park, couldn’t start it, couldn’t take out the keys.  It could not have been rendered more useless. I checked all that I could think of and then got Barney.

inspecting car

Barney confirmed what we had seen and said to go Google the issue and find out how to remedy.  I do believe this is one of the first times where I couldn’t find someone right away who had experienced the same problem and posted a solution on Youtube.  We kept finding references to solenoids and switches, but no diagrams to find where they were located.

use husbands tools

So Barney took apart the console to see if we could find the issue in the shifter.

sally iphone 001


It was such a technical piece of work that I won’t even get into what all we (Barney with me watching) did to get it working again.

keep calm its the flux capacitor


Which is Techno Babble for we unplugged, moved some things, put them back and it worked and we have no clue what was wrong to begin with.

I just thank my lucky stars that I married a man who can fix most anything and this doesn’t have to come out of my ticket money.

Wilma, I see Jane posted a workout for tomorrow.  I will see about downloading that app for timing the intervals.  I had almost 5 miles on the Fitbit today and no I did not do the Burpees!

Love Betty



GI Jane Fitness to the Rescue?

exercise in morning

Today Wilma informed me that  we officially have a personal trainer.  I am divided by two reactions: the first is the “Oh my goodness, we have a personal trainer!  This is going to be so awesome!”  The second is the “Oh my goodness, we have a personal trainer!  Can I fake a debilitating injury now?

Our training is being provided by GI Jane PT & Fitness. She posts in our private group: “Welcome to GI Jane Raw Online. Here you will receive at-home workouts training sessions and guidance designed to help you not only achieve your health and fitness goals, but to prepare you for upcoming sporting events and challenges that we may compete in as part of Team Jane. Feel free to post your experiences and thoughts on the sessions, as well as any pics of you sweating through the workouts! And, as always, recipes, pictures of your tasty treats and team motivation are welcome additions in the group. I look forward to your company and your progress over the next few weeks – tomorrow we begin!”

Wilma and I are sent a questionnaire to fill out gauging where we are and were we want to be.  I feel like if I put that I want to be by my friend on a bar stool having a pint after the race might get me extra reps of some horrible exercise that ties your body in a knot and requires 8 more days of torture until you actually can move somewhat normally again.  I tread lightly and try to answer without sarcasm (my first good workout for her).

We have to do a wall sit for as long as you can hold it, take your pulse after three minutes of stepping up and down onto a stool or something, do as many pushups as you can on your toes and then go to your knees in a minute, see how long you can hold a plank (I went with a 2X6 from Barney’s woodpile – just kidding), then count your tricep dips for a minute.


rice Krispies

I want to ask how many days I can put between each test, but time to suck it up and get to work.

I’m a bit thankful Wilma has had me doing the minimum she has required so far as it might save me from serious embarrassment as I’m sure everyone else in the program is young and fit.

Wilma, Tell Jane I should be emailing the forms relinquishing her from jury trial from my death from workout -and the results of my test later tonight.  I walked 2.2 miles at lunch and walked the dogs when I got home.  After her test stuff, not sure there is much else I plan to do.

Love Betty