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A Night of Viewing

Last night was incredible.

Framily sharing life together

We have dinner most Sunday nights with our friends. We alternate houses every week and this was their week.

We had spoken about the need to incorporate the Full Blood Moon, the eclipse, the Bronco game and the show we are watching together.

I said we could have it at our house if the moon wasn’t going to be viewable at the time of the eclipse.  Depending on what side of which hill you are on in the mountains make a huge difference and I couldn’t remember where the moon would come up in relation to their house and deck.  I was assured we would be fine at their abode.

We viewed part of the Bronco game while eating and started the viewing of the moon as it was rising.

They had set up their telescope and the eclipse began

#2 son was the only one that was successful in getting photos on his phone through the telescope.

The moon was amazing.

We watched our show.

The moon turned red.

The Broncos won!

We left to go home and I received a text from #1 son who had his own viewing.

We didn’t see anything when we got home, but I was shown where the footprints were today.

Quite the night.

Love Sally

Busy Weekend


This was one of those really rewarding busy weekends that left me almost guilt free of not blogging.

Friday was spent with friends, good food and much laughter.  The kind that is so hard that your stomach muscles get a workout.

laughing off calories

Saturday had several hours of prep work with Bam Bam at the church for the Easter brunch the youth were putting on as a fundraiser for their summer mission trip.

Then Saturday evening was another night with some friends we don’t get to see nearly enough as everyone’s schedules with this group seems impossible to coordinate at times.  More great food and more wonderful laughter.  We need to remind ourselves of what Calvin & Hobbes say:

calvin & hobbes

Sunday started with the feeding of the masses.  Church had three services packed with the regulars and the visitors to which we fed all who wished for a meal for a freewill offering.

ELC Easter Breakfast

It was a long day for those in the kitchen from 7 until almost 2 but it was worth it to see all those folks come through.  The rest of the day was spent with family enjoying our beautiful day.

I did squeeze in a hike and with the hike and all the running around in the kitchen over 6 miles were logged on the fitbit.

Overall, I will not admit to a weekend infused with tons of workout repetitions of any kind. As such, I awoke fairly well rested and with a certain amount of guilt from not really working up much of any kind of sweat all weekend.

With rest and guilt on my side, I set off this morning with only the light of a full moon (ok, almost full) to see how far and how long I could jog.

how I look jogging

I would not say I am proud of the results.  I made it around our circle once and had it still been level I would have kept on going but as I reached the portion that is uphill I decided that it might be prudent to walk the uphill the second time around.  I did resume the jogging once at the top of the hill and made it around once again until reaching the uphill again.  Three laps total and I was done.  Our circle is about a half a mile.

I will effort to try again tomorrow.  I did walk over to the park and playground at lunch today and swung on the monkey bars until my elbows felt dis-jointed. (don’t be impressed, it doesn’t take many for my elbows to want to scream)  I also took a walk in the park behind us with the puppy.  All in all, just 4 miles total today on fitbit.  Not too bad for a Monday.

Love, Betty





Missed Opportunities

Missed Opportunties

This morning, the Full Moon was setting over the mountains that were just getting the first rays of morning sun illuminate their tops.  It was amazing.  I had a beautiful view just as I was ready to pull out from our neighborhood onto the highway but there were power lines on the other side that I didn’t want in the photo and if I drove into that neighborhood to take the photo I might get stuck waiting for traffic as I would have to turn left across the oncoming traffic.

I decided to venture further as I felt that I would find a better spot somewhere along the route into the office.  I kept looking around the next turn to see if it would again show it’s glory that I could capture on camera.  It never happened.  Had I been able to share, it would have looked somewhat like:

Image result for morning moon setting in mountains

It was a simple reminder that we don’t always get second opportunities and it may take effort, but to not make the effort could result in missing the chance.

Don't get same moment twice


So today I took a chance to see if I could possibly get one of the airlines to possibly provide me and airline ticket.  I found you can apply for ‘sponsorship’ from an airline.  I sent my proposal to Qantas and New Zealand Air.  The worst that can happen is that they say no and I still have to purchase a ticket somehow.

I’ve already said I would work out every day. I have.  I felt I should start a blog.  Did that and blogging. I need a ticket to get to the race:  It will happen.

astound ourselves

I will not miss this opportunity unless I am stopped by something bigger than my desire.


Wilma,  Had to run errands at lunch.  I did walk the dogs when I got home, did planks, squats, upright rows and presses and push ups.

Love Betty