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Threads and Felt: The Fabric of Friendship

no such thing as strangers

There are friendships that start so fresh and new and with such honest exchange that you feel like you each hold an end of an undetermined length of thread and at times you can seemingly see the tapestry of friendship developing out of the weaving back and forth of new shared experiences and stories. It is a precious thing to behold.

feather tapestry

This story though is of a different weave of friendships.

Friendship is a million little things

A fabric where the fibers of the tapestry were not seen as a delicate weave for it was more than just the one person adding to the structure at a time. It is a layering of fibers hooked together by their very structure and then matted in place by the tears of laughter and sorrow that were added by all. The outcome is not a delicate lace but a sturdy felt. Fabric so strong that it can insulate, protect, warm and also be a piece of incredible beauty.

felt flowersToday, I am meeting to give blood with my group of “moms”.  They are my felt friends that know of the hidden fibers that are part of our unique framework of friendship.

We will lose a pound giving blood and then head to a restaurant for lunch and to share new stories. If we are true to form, we will be the loudest table in the place as joyful laughter is never quiet in our group. (And it isn’t just me)

So today, I am giving them all  a felt ball.

felt balls

It is to use as a stress ball, replacement of a dryer sheet in their laundry, a pincushion, a pet toy, or hand therapy.  It can be used as any of those suggested (and probably more that I am unaware of) or simply as a reminder of the tight group of strong women that we are.

good friends know you're slightly crackedI am blessed with new and old friends and I want you to know I love you all.

Love, Sally


Shoes that Tie

sunrise in tulum
This morning I awoke for my usual walk on the beach and to view the sunrise. Problem was, I was in Co and it was only 4 am. The puppy was also awake and glad that I was home so I decided a moonlight walk in my neighborhood would be a great way to connect back to the energy of Colorado after being on the beach for the past ten days.

I grabbed my athletic shoes and went to slip them on as I generally did prior to the trip. My feet wouldn’t even go in. I loosened the laces up a bit and still my feet resisted. Geeze Louise, had I been barefoot and in sandals so long that my feet had become wide as planks? Was I unknowingly contorting them not to fit so that I could possibly extend the vacation mindset that my feet were clearly in? Opening the laces as if putting on hockey skates, I finally managed to insert my tootsies all the way in.

sneakersAs I walked around the neighborhood enjoying my lovely scenery, I was also thinking about the trip.

I received a message while on my trip wondering why the blog wasn’t being updated with the daily adventures. While, I could blame it on the sketchy Wifi at each of my locations,  it was more that my days were full and my mind was in the absorption mode. Most days I wasn’t even sure what day it was.

poohs favorite day

There are times that I literally write a communication in my head as it is happening, but so in the moment was I on this entire trip that I neither found the time or thoughts to send anything off.

I will endeavor to do so now that I am back to work and holding dear to the joyful memories of the trip. I can’t  guarantee the order or extent, but I do want to share some memories and photos for those who haven’t been.

So bear with me as I sort through photos and try to find the words to relay a portion of the volume of shared times with those also there.

wishing for more vacation daysLove Sally

Happy Thanksgiving

I am Thankful

I have to say that my level of thankfulness this year is over the top.  I’ve been blessed, blessed and then blessed some more.

Gratitude and thankfullnessIt wasn’t just kindness received this year, although that has been abundant as well. It has been opportunities presented and hearing that voice that says “yes” to them louder than the one that says “that isn’t so practical or realistic at this time”.  It is seeing the good that comes out of even bad situations.  It is my peeps being safe and unhurt after accidents. It is having the audacity to jump into this realm of putting my thoughts out there so that I can hear your echo.

So while I cannot be with everyone today, let my words wrap not only around the page of your screen, but may you feel my remote hug and know that I am thankful for you.

Hug in wordsToday we are headed to our friends. Laughter so hard as to work our abdominal muscles will surely be part of our exercise after a great meal.

It's a Friendsgiving

Love to all,



Fighting it off

Going to make it short today as I’m not feeling so hot.

out sickIt could be I’m getting a cold so am taking precautions in some zinc tablets and Umka drops.

As a friend mentioned, it could be life catching up with work running me over right now.  I’ll be writing something on that soon, but I have learned to not say too much when I’m already feeling low so I’ll definitely save that.

So, for today, have a good one (or the rest of it anyway) and hopefully I have something better to say tomorrow.

Love Sally

An Indian Wedding

Yesterday, I had the honor of attending a very special wedding ceremony. It was held outdoors in the Prentice Cooper wilderness area at a spot named Snoopers Rock.

The grooms parents had flown in from Cleveland, Oh and I had come from CO.


The friends that had hosted J and I on my previous trip in May, officiated, sang and drummed.


There were the photographers and another friend to handle the smudge bucket and a few random hikers coming by for the view.

image image
Intimate in terms of attendance, but expansive and beyond measure of beauty in the surroundings, ceremony, and bride and groom.

image image
I’ll let the photos convey the day as there are so many threads of how this day wove together and touches my heart that I can’t yet find the words to convey my sentiments. Overwhelmed to feel so blessed to have been there.

image imageimage

Afterwards, we took a riverboat cruise through the gorge on the river we were high above earlier.


Simply awesome! Congratulations to the newly married couple. (Oh, there is another ceremony to be attended by more family and friends in Tulum, Mexico in January.  Stay tuned to hear about that one)

love Sally

Morning views in Backyard

We got into Albuquerque late last night so group decision was to skip the o’dark thirty rise and shine to see the early morning glow.

Instead we enjoyed conversation, coffee, yummy breakfast and got to see some of the balloons fly right over us and next to us.

image image image image

Very cool and no crowds!

Heading off to see some of the “Breaking Bad” spots this afternoon.

The evening will be to the grounds for the night balloon launch.

love Sally



Email Exchanges


cell phone usersIn this day and age where it seems everyone is attached to their phone, I have a friend who cant seem to keep her’s on or check a text message to save her life.

The only consistent form of communication is emailing back and forth from our work emails.  Now, I have let her know that everyone in my department has access to each others work emails so it is best to keep it not too personal.

So, to disguise her personal emails to me she generally puts something customer related in the subject line.

Now for Disclaimer:  Warning: If you have aversion to hearing about what middle age women talk about or wear, stop reading and close this window now.

graphic warning

So one day in the not too distant past, I received an email from her with the subject line of: “Thanks for your assistance!”

The email read:

Okay – seriously, have you ever had one of those days where you have TRULY reached the bottom of the underwear drawer because you just have too many other things to do than laundry? Well, I have to say that I hit that place today, and I need you to make a solemn promise to me as a friend and confidant. It is important.

If I should be injured or killed in an accident today, I really need for YOU to explain to any EMT’s, first responders or emergency room doctors (especially the cute, male ones) that THESE ARE NOT MY REGULAR UNDERPANTS! I have cute panties – it was a bad day! Please…I need someone who loves me to emphatically state that I do not like old, dingy, formerly white, cotton, high-waisted granny pants whose elastic last stretched in the mid-90’s.

Thank you. I love you.

I had a seriously horrible customer service escalation at the time that took over an hour of phone time with this inconsolable customer so I did not respond. After all, this kind of surprise email can’t just have a “I’ve got your back” response.

The call went right into my lunch hour so once I was off the call, I bolted for the park where I proceeded to wipe that call from my mind with one a million times better with another friend.

When I returned from lunch, there was another email from my friend with the subject line of “Sad”

this one read:

I am thinking that you are out today – or off, or you quit. And somebody else looked at my previous email.

To which I would like to say, since they are also probably reading this one, sorry about that. My name is Holly Berry and I am just a good friend of Sally’s. Having a weird day, so please disregard my previous email. It was just a joke.

Thank you.

I roared in laughter at my desk as not only is Holly Berry not her name, but it is the name of another dear friend of mine that she also knows! I howled at her attempt to throw Holly under the bus. Oh wait, that wasn’t an attempt, there were tread marks! Bahahaha. This is where I started printing the emails to share with at least Holly.

So I responded as if I was some unknowing person. (her email is badams)

Dear Bad Ams,

Your emails have been received and reviewed by our fraud department as you have been flagged as a possible threat to our company.  Your emails are being sent to the special encoded decipher department to ascertain the true meaning behind the words.  Granny Pants is a known subversive name for a blond single mother of two hiding in a small mountain town of Colorado.  She is known to have a dangerous mind and deadly mouth.  If encountered, she should be hugged hard and turned in to a group of lethal women known to gather together.  They are meeting this Sunday for a brunch.  If you can manage it, please bring said “Granny Pants” so that she can be dealt with accordingly.

Just remember, anything you can or do say will be used as a butt of a joke.

We were, after all having a Mom’s brunch for my birthday that weekend.

She responded:


Peed in my granny’s…

I then sent her a personal email – subject line: “public postings”

it read:

Dear Friend,

I hope you are okay and doing well.  I haven’t heard from you in forever and thought I should let you know that my email has been compromised and everything is somehow being posted on the interweb without our ability to stop it.  Luckily I know you have never written anything that could be misconstrued or be embarrassing to either one of us.

Best regards,

to which she responded:


You are my soul-smartass….

These are the email exchanges between one of my friends and I.  Insight into lunacy.

I had meant to take the series of emails to our Mom’s luncheon as I had taken another exchange a time or two prior and everyone got a kick out of it.  I forgot.  Lucky for me, I can put it up here for them to see.  Oh, and kinda make that last email I sent come true!

mentally unrestricted

Thanks BA for the laughs at work when things go awry.  I would love to text or phone you sometime too though when it is outside of work hours.  Just saying.  And don’t worry about too many people reading this.  I’m not heavily followed.

Love Sally





Monday Night Yoga

Mondays are starting to be Yoga night for me.  My friend that I walk with in the park each week had suggested I come and try it last year but I never made it.  I’m not sure what got me there this year except for her persistence.

When someone who knows you and encourages you to try something that your clueless about, sometimes you just have to trust them and give it a try.

always say yes

I had no real idea what yoga entailed.  Every pose I had ever seen was one that was comical in the very idea of me attempting it.

I was pretty sure that cameras were installed when middle aged women with no prior experience showed up for the first time.  Tapes were given to Allen Funt and “Boom” you were on Candid Camera.

My friend assured me that this was a class that anyone could do and it wasn’t about perfection, it was about trying and doing your best.

yoga trying not to fart

To my delight, there was no jogging or the dreaded burpees.

The instructor weaves stories into the sessions which is always a plus.

I’ve realized just how inflexible I am at this point and it makes me want to keep at it to gain back some of that lost flexibility.

I’ve probably only been to about five classes so far, but I’ve noticed that sleep is much better and without interruption on yoga nights. Another plus so I’ll continue to wrap my body into positions that discomforts my mind.

I may just start going on Wednesdays too!

Namaste. As they say.

Love Sally

Tennessee Trip


Live a Great Story


For the blog, I could not in a short period of time figure out how to create a new page and leave the old ones, so I just changed the page and title.  Hopefully I can go back and figure that out but for now I have selected a photo that my friend sent to me when she visited New Orleans.  It strikes nearly every chord with me.  I believe whole-heartedly in the saying.  I love that it is painted on a public wall as I do believe we should share our stories.  It is not centered in the space it is painted on and that too is a reminder that we mustn’t be perfect in the placement of our thoughts, it is the putting it out there that matters.  There is also some sort of signature scribbled across it as a reminder that people will want to write on our un-centered thoughts too but if the content is good it will shine through.

So onto my next trip we go.  In ten days I leave for Tennessee.


The itinerary is currently changing as the original reason for the trip has been canceled or maybe it was always meant to be this way.

meant to be

I was meaning to go support my cousin in a personal prayerful ceremony taught by and performed in the strictest of Lakota Indian tradition.  I will save that story for another day.

Instead I will visit a friend whom my cousin had invited to another occasion that we both attended and have since forged a pretty incredible friendship.  It is this person that inadvertently got me to this writing that you see.

There are several stories and I hope you’ll stick with me to show you how they unfolded.

Love Betty



Guest Post: Spreading Seeds


As everyone says, one advantage to teaching is having unscheduled time away from school in the summer; another less publicly discussed but more personally satisfying benefit is the relationships forged during those days in the classroom. These two perks of my (past) profession came together for a most memorable road trip in 1997.

Betty was once my student–a bit of good fortune; it was, however, unfortunately in her senior year, the year her mother suffered a life-altering stroke. Somehow from that sad circumstance, a bond was formed that has held through Betty’s years at OSU and her move to Colorado and deepened in meeting for drinks, visiting the farm, sharing marriages, births, and, inevitably, deaths.  It was her father’s death, in fact, that led to our travelling together.
It was time to transform the family home into the next generation’s–and, therefore, time for Betty to move out the lovely antiques that were her legacy. The rental truck was in the yard, the furniture was being packed, and we were saying good-bye, when–Wait a minute!–a suggestion was made (by which one of us I honestly do not recall) that since it was summer and I was not working . . . And almost overnight, we were settling into the cab of a big yellow vehicle and setting off for Evergreen. Once again, somehow, from this difficult process of separation came a wonderful few days of connection.
 moving truck
In spite of the ten years’ difference in our ages (I tend to run a bit late in some life events, Betty a bit ahead), we were both at that time recent orphans, mothers to single young sons, and, apparently, much in need of intimate conversation.  The miles ran by and the talk ran on (even through Nebraska) and that truck became a time machine, an attic where we pried open a treasure chest of stories.
Along the way I shared a poem (I was her English lit teacher after all) that captured the feeling we had as we passed by people and places outside our windowed but isolated world. Lisel Mueller’s “Into Space” ends
                         Think of the sac of memory
                         as the last resort,
                         the bundle the refugees tie to a stick
                         when they cross the frozen river
                         Think of the contents, volatile
                         as dandelion fluff
                         when we finally scatter it
                         into the atmosphere we are leaving
                          Think of it falling on someone
                          who suspects nothing,
                          who is suddenly moved to recall
                          a forgotten childhood scene
                          and finds himself stunned by its gravity.
Always the farm girl at heart, Betty later wrote in a note to me, “I now have this mental picture of our truck having a seed spreader attached to the side. I tell a friend it was filled with dandelion seed. She says, ‘Oh,’ not realizing that one day a bit of fluff will float her way and she will smile and nod.”
Consider this another bit of that fluff.
dandelion fluff
Side note from me:
I don’t normally comment on someone’s guest post but being that it is Mother’s Day and Mine will have lasted 42 hours – being that I left Sydney at noon on Mother’s day there and arrived in San Francisco 4 hours prior to when I left Sydney also on Mother’s day. Which is why I need the guest post.  But I do want to say a wonderful day for all you mothers out there who take the time to read the posts.
N, I don’t know whether to be more touched by the act of you saving a card for 18 years or by the fact that you were able to remember where you could lay hands on it for reference.  I had forgotten about the card – the trip will never be forgotten.
Love Betty