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The Bouquet and the Garden

Sometime after I had initially contacted Jayna to see if we could visit in Austin, she realized she already had a commitment on the afternoon we were arriving and so just asked if we wouldn’t mind all going.

The event was a 10th? birthday party for the daughter of one of her long dear friends. In fact, the daughter was named after Jayna and therefore when all together, the younger was referred to as ‘Little Jayna’.

I thought it incredible to have a namesake that wasn’t a blood relative. Obviously I was just in a long list of people who saw the first Jayna as someone special.

What we encountered when we went to little Jayna’s birthday party was the family of the birthday girl complete with grandma and aunt and cousin from out of town on Dad’s side and cousins on Mom’s side as well.

Trixie and I sat by the pool and watched the kids play in the pool and got to know the Grandma who really wasn’t much older than I am.

She was a fascinating woman who originated from a large family in Belize. It was one of several times this summer, that as I spoke to someone and really shared eye contact with, that I was asked if we had met before.

I’m pretty sure I would have remembered this beauty and personality. Her stories would fill a blog for years and I loved hearing just a portion of them and was honored that we were given snipets of the good and bad, love and heartbreak that she has had.

After a few hours poolside we all went inside to feed the kids and chatted more with the entire group. Some of us gals then went out to the Salt Lick for the Barbecue and more stories and conversation.

Trixie and I both felt very welcomed and included in the assembled family.

And for me, as I know a few of Jayna’s biological family who love her dearly, it was interesting and heartwarming to see her with this family – built first from friendship. The closeness and pure love was evident from all the generations and extensions of the framily there towards her.


And it might have been even more appreciated since here I was traveling and staying with part of my Framily in Texas.

Sometimes, you go to visit and think you’ll just get a few hours together and whatever that is, will be okay.  Other times, it turns into so much more.

When I reflect about the two times that I have spent with Jayna, it feels like the first time -at the wedding – everyone there was an individual flower brought to make this beautiful bouquet of people assembled for the wedding.


Seeing her in Austin with the family she was clearly a big part of, made me feel like I got to see part of the garden from whence that beautiful flower came from.

Thank you to all in Austin that day, for making us feel so welcome and for sharing your lives with us.

Love Sally

A Night of Viewing

Last night was incredible.

Framily sharing life together

We have dinner most Sunday nights with our friends. We alternate houses every week and this was their week.

We had spoken about the need to incorporate the Full Blood Moon, the eclipse, the Bronco game and the show we are watching together.

I said we could have it at our house if the moon wasn’t going to be viewable at the time of the eclipse.  Depending on what side of which hill you are on in the mountains make a huge difference and I couldn’t remember where the moon would come up in relation to their house and deck.  I was assured we would be fine at their abode.

We viewed part of the Bronco game while eating and started the viewing of the moon as it was rising.

They had set up their telescope and the eclipse began

#2 son was the only one that was successful in getting photos on his phone through the telescope.

The moon was amazing.

We watched our show.

The moon turned red.

The Broncos won!

We left to go home and I received a text from #1 son who had his own viewing.

We didn’t see anything when we got home, but I was shown where the footprints were today.

Quite the night.

Love Sally